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Alassa Datura

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Alassa Datura
Date of birth481 AV (aged 42)
Place of birthKalinor
TitleDoctor at the Purging

Alassa Datura is a doctor at the Purging in Kalinor.


Alassa is a rather controversial figure. Her talent is undeniable. She was a student of Svorador Hellebore and does her best to learn from him and follow in his footsteps, but her bedside manner is lacking, and she is a little too fascinated with dead people. At night, when most of the other employees have gone home, she cuts the bodies of the patients who have died up, examines them and sometimes conducts experiments on them. She has also been known to ask the people of Kalinor for the bodies of their dead surrogates. They are usually thrown into the caves below. If they are given to her, they’ll at least not be wasted.

Appearance & Personality

Alassa is in her early thirties. She is tall and slender as all Symenestra are and lacks the curves of a human woman. Her skin is snow white and laced with faint grey veins. Her eyes are an intense shade of red, and her hair is dull grey. She doesn’t put a lot of effort into her appearance. Alassa is very direct, sometimes downright mean, and she has a very strange sense of humour.