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Date of birth508 AV (aged 15)
Place of birthEastern Sylira
TitleSupposed thief
Wilderness Survival27

Amite is a Kelvic who travelled the countryside in her natural guise, a seagull’s one, and just recently decided to stay in Mura for a while. She likes the calm atmosphere at the city and is about to make herself at home. Usually dressing in bright and tight clothing like her white blouse with yellow stripes, she still finds it difficult to control her human guise, thus her movements can be described as a bit awkward, untrained and too careful. As a seagull, she loves the sea, ships and glittering jewelry, although she would never steal anything. Her personality could be described as polite, sensitive, kind and caring. Every now and then she needs a day to go buying clothing, shoes and accessories. Spending more money than she should is her little pet peeve.


In her human form, Amite could easily be mistaken for a Konti. Her hair is white and long with natural, somewhat unruly curls and her skin is naturally pale, albeit tanned from countless hours in the wilderness. While her body is slender and fragile and possesses the feral grace of all Kelvics, she more often walks and moves awkward. This is because she prefers her seagull form so much that she is not used to controlling her human one. As a seagull, she is rather petite, but healthy and strong. Her wings are used to traveling for long hours.


Amite's Appearances
heightPart Of The Greater GoodAmite asks Gromhir for help because she is accused of theft.