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Amun Gristole

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Amun Gristole
Date of birth481 AV (aged 42)
Place of birthTaloba
TitleThe Unseen Striker

Cold and ruthlessly calculating, Amun devises and executes quick in-and-out raids rather than completely decimating those ships he comes across. In this way he's managed to avoid being hauled down into a thick all-in sea battle and stay largely under the radar in the middle Suvan. He holds great respect for his crew, being a warrior himself and knowing the difficulties, and though he doesn't treat them what some would call nicely he isn't overly brutal towards any of them. His so far excellent display of leadership and cunning has also cultivated a great respect in the crew for him as well, especially since the goods keep flowing. The myrian tends not to show too much emotion other than disapproval and severity, maintaing a harsh focus most of the time that intimidates his victims.


Amun learnt a long time ago about the importance of scheming and leadership. After losing his entire patrol, the once proud warrior left his city in shame and in the hopes to hide from the it and avoid the consequence. He fled to the coast, trying to get as far as he could from where people knew of his shame, arriving at Bayin Outpost some time after he left the Myrian capital. After some negotiating with one of the captains beached there, it was agreed that he would be taken on as a crew member. Before they could cross the sea to Eyktol however, they were attacked by svefra pirates, and the captain was killed during the raid. With the loss of clear command, Amun rallied the crew and drove back the svefra, actually raiding the sea children's ships and taking from them anything they needed. That's how they've made their living since then, and now their names are feared throughout the middle sea.

Ship & Crew

The Panther - sleek, speedy, and unseen
Built some time ago off of an experimental design, the Panther was originally made to be a fast military scouting ship capable of ferrying small hosts of soldiers across the Suvan in less time than a normal military transport. Its hull is shaped in a sharper way which allows it to cut through the water faster, and an extra sail was mounted to its stern, making it easily one of the fastest ships its size. Amun takes great advantage of this, gliding in out of nowhere and making off with some spoils before anything can be done about it. It can still be outrun by those who know the currents well enough and manage to use them effectively, but by and large most ships it targets will fall prey.

Since Amun's attacks are more surgical than most pirates, he emphasizes unity and coordination in his crew as well as many plans of attack that can change on the fly. Most of the strategies weren't designed by him, but he knows from experience what calls to make and which plans to implement. The majority of the crew are seasoned melee fighters that fight skillfully and sneakily rather than brutally or overpoweringly, following the strict coordination set by their captain and working together to hold off hostile while the ship is pillaged. Amun respects his crew for following him, even if his analytic mind would see them as mere figures in a stressing situation, and because of his leadership and skill his crew returns that respect fully, meaning that they are a bit more dedicated to their captain's calculations than many.