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Aysel's Ethaefal form in Winter.
Date of birth0 AV (aged 523)
TitleCo-Ruler of Lhavit
Weapon (Dao Sword)51
Wilderness Survival32
Gnosis marks


Old as the Valterrian itself, the newly fallen Ethaefal barely had any time to put himself together before Leth called upon his aid, taking little time to explain the damage done to his celestial home that caused the Ethaefal's fall in the first place. He directed him to the stranded fishing village that now found itself amidst thousands of rising peaks, asking him to follow him as he had once done in a past life. The Ethaefal complied and led the people to safety along with Talora, a Syna-born Ethaefel who found herself in a similar predicament. Though the two were young and confused, they hid their unsureness from the humans, who were amazed by their surreal beauty and immediately put them in positions of leadership.

The beginnings of Talora and Aysel's relationship was tumultuous to say the least. Not only did it pain Aysel to see Talora's sun-kissed beauty every day while he suffered in his mortal form, but he also had very differing views from her as well. She held hope during the darkest time of Mizahar's history, and her endless optimism only made him increasingly bitter. During the city's beginnings, the Ethaefel held no love for the city nor the world around him, paying heed only to Leth's specific request for him to aid the Lhavitian people. Even then, Aysel spent a time teetering on the edge of becoming forsaken until time and the Star Lady Zintila returned him to his senses. The two remain very close to this day.

Years passed, and Aysel and Talora eventually learned to work well together and coordinate their leadership effectively. Though they do not show many signs of friendship, it is clear that immortality they share has brought them closer together.


Aysel seems a cynical character at first, always throwing about quick-witted remarks in a way that makes one doubt whether they are even jokes or not. Sure enough, the Ethaefal is almost always joking, an attitude that leads many Lhavitians to doubt his position until the time comes for Lhavit to face a problem. At this point, Aysel reacts with such speed and composure that his 500 years of experience leading the city becomes painstakingly clear. He does not argue with those who challenge his authority; he simply waits, and lets time show the fruits of a decision well-made.

When his presence is not required during the day, Aysel enjoys offering a helping hand to expeditions in the Misty Peaks, finding that aid is always needed when one ventures too far from the city's welcoming gates.


During his nighttime reign, Aysel stands at an impressive height of 7'2”. This does not even include his horns, which rise vertically from his temples, small pearl-like orbs resting upon swirls of smoke-like formations. His silver-eyed gaze is reminiscent of the moon itself, surrounded by wispy hair that changes color with the seasons along with his horns. He wears dark, undecorated robes that contrast with his pale skin, which seems to almost glow with the reflection of moonlight.

In his earthbound form, Aysel wanders the streets of Lhavit as a Benshira human with an under-average height and skinny build. Clad in all-black as he is in Ethaefel form, this man is almost a shadow save for his sky-blue eyes which stare through people in the same calm, confidant manner of his moonlit form.