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Captain Dullos

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Captain Dullos
Date of birth484 AV
Place of birthSunberth
TitlePrivateer & Captain of the War Sprite.
GnosisOceanus lvl 1
Wilderness Survival (Sea, Forest, Hills, Marsh, Mountains)60
Sea Navigation54
Weapon: Cutlass52
Weapon: Dagger30

Captain Mariana Dullos is a priveteer and the captain of the War Sprite. She primarily resides at Baroque Bay.


Captain Mariana Dullos, a short-time sailor that nonetheless commands a great deal of respect. She's small, mean, and packs a wallop of a voice that no one expects. On first glance, many are quick to disregard the rather plain-looking sailor. In contrast to her usual companions, she's rather drab and mundane, but at a single word men stand aside and heel to her every command. She captains the a brigantine class ship known as the "War Sprite" and is a legitimate privateer that works for those who pays well enough to get her to sign a contract, most notably being the Sailor's Guild in Zeltiva. Her reputation alone tends to keep piracy to a minimum around Baroque Bay when the Sprite is at dock. She can usually be found either in the Drunken Fish or on her ship.