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Chaktawe history and sacred stories are passed along orally with great vigilance and care by the Abayla bloodline scattered between the three tribes.

The Abayla line passes tales from the elder female relative to the younger with fierce determination that the words remain unchanged. If an Abayla daughter's memory is poor, or she has no music in her voice, she is banished from the training and forbidden from ever telling sacred stories. Most Abayla only learn five sacred tales each. This ensures that each storyteller is able to dedicate enough focus for accuracy in each tale she knows. There is always an elder Abayla present when the younger tells the story to correct any minor mistakes. This continues until the younger has her own pupil to train. In total there are forty sacred stories and histories, and usually fifty of the Abayla bloodline alive at a time.

Non-sacred stories are too numerous to count, and while their content is guarded so to remain unchanged, it is more out of love for the tale than the preservation of the Ckaktawe history. They are often told with costumes and shadow plays.

Tribes will come together just for the privilege of hearing stories that their own branch of Abayla do not know. If one tribe has too few or too many young Abayla, they will commonly give up or adopt eligible girls between tribes.

Anyone who is not of the Abayla bloodline who tries to tell sacred stories and histories will be marooned by their tribe. The Chaktawe see the improper telling of sacred stories and histories as a destruction of their past, and the foundations of the race.

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