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Chief Attendant
Date of birth485 AV (aged 38)
Place of birthWind Reach
Fortune Telling15

Ces is held as one of the most beautiful women in Wind Reach. Her beauty comes more from her confidence and ability to make people relax. Ces has been marked by Cheva, allowing her to bring out passions and love in the people she attends. Ces' clientele is very exclusive and she refuses to mate with all but Kaden Avin. She has heard every dark secret from her clientele and has never once betrayed them.


Ces grew from a child to one of the attendants in the baths. Originally, she was never considered for a very high position, because she often took too long with people she attended. However, as she grew in experience, Ces began to work out the pain in people’s minds, as well as the pain in their muscles. Slowly, people began to ask for her by name and she built up one of the most exclusive clienteles in Wind Reach. When she was introduced to Kaden Avin, she began to help him see his love for his job. Slowly, she began persuading her clientele in understanding and giving them advice. Ces was given a mark by Cheva, because she has advised on several pairings of Inarta. After she was given a mark, she rose in power in the baths and since has become the head attendant.


Ces’ smile warms the room, and relaxes the soul. Because the bath attendants are almost always naked, she has a thin frame that is kept in shape. However, most people really don’t notice her nakedness, because her voice draws people into their thoughts. Ces always begins a session with a massage and asking people about their days. Many people believe that she greatly cares about them and often tell her everything, as her long strong fingers work out knots. As they talk, they often can feel warmth spread into them from the oils that Ces applies. Finally, Ces will massage her clients' scalps and give them a haircut. To other bath personnel, she is quiet and attentive, trying to persuade people into doing the right thing instead of doing it because she said so.

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