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Changing Moon

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The Changing Moon


The Changing Moon clan is one deeply embedded in mystery and lore. Theirs is not a domain exclusively of steel, iron, or feather fletchings, but one of incantations and fearsome power. Many view these arts as cowardly and innately inferior to their own, but there are those who see the use in such fantastic abilities. Because of this, they are rather polarizing in the eyes and minds of other Myrians; it is just as easy for one to mistrust a Changing Moon as it is for one to revere them. Contrarily, the Changing Moon are a people of tolerance when it comes to other Myrians; never has this clan been at odds with another clan; in their eyes, all Myrians serve Myri in their own way.

Those of the Changing Moon are known by many names: shamans, witches, mages, sorcerers, and ku'tak, a Myrian word literally translating to "Djed Slingers". The Changing Moon clan specializes in various magical arts but has an overwhelming tendency to focus on Reimancy and Malediction. They also have deep roots in other arcane arts such as Fortune Telling, Glyphing, and Herbalism.

In all, there are less than one hundred Changing Moon clan members. Families in the Changing Moon are typically very small (rarely more than three children) and very tightly knit. Elders believe that each child must be paid close attention to in their progression in their chosen art to minimize risks involved in the often dangerous practices.

It is not uncommon for a young Changing Moon to seek training by one of the other clans in the more upfront acts of war, abandoning their clan and their name in favor of one more suited to the core of their being. Instead of being shunned from their family, one who leaves is still seen as an important part of the clan and is blessed in prayers and other rituals before they leave to serve Myri in their own way.

Brief History

In the time following the Valterrian, there were no Changing Moons. During such a time, magic was feared and those who practiced it were often viewed with contempt. In this time, a young girl named Revant of the Twisting Winds was initiated into the art of Reimancy by a very old woman whose eyes were more on the past than the present.

Over the years, her gift was hidden but honed. Revant grew tall and strong and came to hold rank in the army of Taloba. As they are wont to do, Myrians waged glorious war, eradicating all of their enemies slowly but surely until only the Dhani remained. Revant, her fang, and one other small fang were dispatched to deal with a Dhani nest that had come perilously close to Taloba, but was, as far as they knew, too small to pose any real danger.

Upon arrival, the war party had no trouble ridding the world of the scaled filth, covering the earth with their putrid blood. As they moved to leave, shock and anger claimed the Myrians' snarling faces as they found they had been led into a trap. They were now surrounded by Dhani and a small hoard of Yukmen, whose Alpha had been tamed by one of the Dhani.

Fighting ensued and the tide of battle shifted frequently. Grim determination swept over those who had survived thus far as they endeavored to forever still the hearts of as many abominations as possible before being drug into the embrace of their Goddess.

And then, fire sprang forth.

Revant stood before her brethren and, in a last ditch effort, set fire to the Dhani and the forest into which they attempted to retreat. Their screams were so terrible it is said that Myri herself smiled at the sound and was lulled to sleep by it like a babe. The whirling black smoke blotted out the moon, seeming to change it from full to new in only a few moments' time.

Awed by their comrade's power, the survivors quickly began to seek training from Revant and called themselves the Moons Changed by Flame. In a way, their hearts had been changed that night by a single mage. This was the foundation of the Changing Moon clan. As years went on, their numbers grew, peaking around two hundred at one point. In that time, elders noted the lack of quality of the mages being produced. Thus, the Changing Moon clan established statutes and guidelines for their children's education. The attention and care the clan required for each child made it more difficult to raise more than a pair of children for each couple.

Religious Views

Of course, Myri is first in every Changing Moon prayer. But, as an incredibly spiritual group, the Changing Moon have prayers and rituals associated with most of the pantheon. Individual mages often choose a specific diety to be a patron to their art. It is not relatively uncommon to see Changing Moons with the initial gnosis of two or more gods.

Commonly worshiped deities include:

  • Avalis
  • Bala
  • Caiyha
  • Cheva
  • Dira
  • Eyris
  • Ivak
  • Kihala
  • Laviku
  • Leth
  • Lhex
  • Makutsi
  • Myri
  • Nysel
  • Prikil
  • Rak'keli
  • Sivah
  • Syna
  • Tavasi
  • Viriatas
  • Wysar
  • Yahal
  • Zulrav


As stated above, Changing Moon families are very small and very tightly knit. Children are seen as great blessings and, after a birth, particular family groups are known to go about throwing day long festivities and practicing many wonderful rituals.

At the age of 16, all young women are given the opportunity to be initiated into reimancy and assigned a mentor (typically a family member or close family friend who had the same first element). Young men are not allowed to begin practicing until the age of 19. After learning reimancy (or not, as some choose not to) young Changing Moons are expected to choose to specialize in some form of martial combat in order to keep their bodies at their peak and some other spiritual skill in order to keep their clan's traditions from fading away.

Common Skill Sets:

  • Armorer and Leatherworking
  • Astrology and Astronomy
  • Botany, Herbalism, and Philtering
  • Candlemaking
  • Dancing, Singing, and/or Playing a Musical Instrument
  • Fortune Telling
  • Law, Leadership, and Organization
  • Meditation
  • Storytelling and Acting
  • Glyphing and Tattooing

The Changing Moon are generally a happy, lively group of people who often seek reasons to celebrate. Many will paint themselves bright, bold colors for the most obscure reasons. Singing and dancing within the clan's compound is incredibly common as are group meals and bonfires.

Another common sight includes males performing extreme feats of Reimancy or presenting fantastic Maledicted objects in hopes of wooing the female of their choice.

Clan Lands

The Changing Moon are a people of Taloba through and through. They hold no lands of their own, choosing instead to exist solely in the glorious Myrian city. It is not uncommon for Changing Moons to take sojourns out into the wilderness in order to focus on the flows of energy around them or to focus on a particular skill. The Changing Moons are also frequently called upon by other clans in order to perform certain rituals and cleansings for the clans.

Clan Standings

  • The Matriarch- the eldest female in the clan, a master of all four elements, and a expert or above in Malediction.
  • The Elements Council - A group of four (typically females, of any age) who have shown themselves to be exemplary leaders filled with enough wisdom to assist in guiding the clan. The Flame specializes in overseeing the organization of hunting squads and battle-ready fangs. The Wind is a most gifted Seer, always at least once marked by Avalis, who charts the stars and the energies of the world, preparing the clan for things to come. The Tide is responsible for trade and services provided for other clans. The Stone (oddly a position typically filled by a male) is in charge of maintaining the clan's compound, seeing that there are always enough buildings and that they are well maintained, and helping the clan to prepare for emergency situations like flooding and forest fires.
  • Teachers - Those who are allowed to pass knowledge and magic onto younger generations are held in high esteem among the Changing Moon clan.
  • Warriors - As in any Myrian clan, those gifted in combat are honored among their kin.
  • Healers - Without healers, many warriors would be unable to return to battle.
  • Artisans - Armorers, painters, and all other industrial Myrians hold great value.
  • Youth

All Myrians of the Changing Moon are expected to find an occupation and purpose within their clan by the age of 25. Those that do not are looked upon with mild distaste but are not scorned for they, too, have a fate, no matter how useless it may be.

Player Characters
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