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Character Traits

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Character Traits are the describing qualities (usually an adjective) of an individual player character (pc) that can be easily observed through that pc’s actions or reactions a situation, or the way a pc acts around others. These character traits denote strengths and weaknesses of a character (often called merits or flaws) and can be used to distinguish one pc from another. Some character traits cannot actually be described as good or bad but must be applied to a situation to gain context. While a player need not pick out character traits for their pc on Mizahar, some people feel that a snapshot list of merits and flaws will help others viewing a pc’s Character Sheet a better idea of who that character is and what they are like. So for this reason, we’ve made the list below. It is not an all-inclusive list. Feel free to add to it as the need arises. Many players also place their character’s traits in their pc’s CS in list form. This simply gives someone a snapshot of the PC.

By giving character’s traits, we acknowledge that characters feel things, do things, and have opinions on things. Character traits give a unique insight into the core of a character’s soul. Just remember, when writing for a pc, it is always better to show us a trait in action rather than simply telling the reader a pc has a trait.

Lets use the character trait “brave” as an example:

  • Telling a reader a trait: John Smith is a brave man.
  • Showing a reader a trait: John Smith rushed into the burning building without hesitating once he heard the child crying from the second floor window and calling out for help.



addictive, airhead, absent minded, ambitious, adaptable, admirable, active, adventurous, affectionate, afraid, aggressive, ambitious, amiable, angry, animated, annoyed, anti-social, anxious, argumentative, arrogant, attentive, accepting, able, articulate, awkward


babyish, bored, bossy, brave, brilliant, busy, babbling a lot, balanced, blithe, broody, boastful, bold


clean, calm, can't keep a secret, careful, cautious, charismatic, charming, cheerful, childish, clever, clumsy, coarse, cold-hearted, compassionate, competitive, complacent, compulsive, conceited, confident, confused, considerate, cooperative, courageous, cowardly, crafty, critical, cruel, cultured, curious, cynical, curious, careful, capable, challenging, crude, care-free, creative, calculated


dangerous, daring, decisive, dependable, dependent on others, determined, diligent, discreet, dishonest, disloyal, disobedient, disparaging, disrespectful, dissatisfied, doesn't learn, domineering, doubtful, dutiful, deep, dignified, deranged, driving goal, daredevil, dainty, devoted, defiant, demanding, disgruntled, dominant


eager, easygoing, eloquent, encouraging, energetic, enthusiastic, eccentric, exciting, eidetic memory, ego-centric, efficient, embarrassing,


fair, faithful, fearless, fidgety, fierce, finicky, foolish, formal, frank, friendly, frustrated, funny, focused, forgiving, fanciful, flippant, faithful, forgiving,


generous, gentle, giddy, giving, glamorous, gloomy, grateful, greedy, grouchy, gullible, gluttony, gall, graceful, green-thumbed


happy, harried, hateful, haughty, helpful, honest, hopeful, hopeless, hospitable, humble, hyper, hypocritical, humorous


ignorant, ill-bred, imaginative, immature, impartial, impatient, impolite, impudent, impulsive, inappropriate, inconsiderate, independent, industrious, innocent, insensitive, insolent, intelligent, idealistic, impressive, inferiority complex, intolerant, indifferent, irritable, inventive


Jovial, jaunty, jocund, jazzy, judicious, jocose, jaded, jittery, jinxed, jealous, judgmental, joyful


Keen, kempt, killer, kind, kinky, kelptomanical, klutzy, knowledgeable, kooky


lackadaisical, languid, lazy, liar, logical, lonely, loving, loyal, lucky, lovely, likeable, low self-esteem, lethargic, lively


malicious, mature, mean, meticulous, mischievous, moody, mundane, mysterious, mad, meek, modest, masochist, manipulative, materialistic, mature, melancholy, merry, messy


naive, negligent, nervous, never satisfied, no sense of humor, noisy, neat


obedient, obliging, obnoxious, observant, obsessive, overindulgent, overconfident, offensive, overcautious, opinionated, outgoing


prejudice, procrastinator, proud, pretentious, passionate, playful, popular, pacifist, pitiable, paranoid, passive, prim, proper, patriotic, patient,


quaint, quarrelsome, queer, querulous, quick, quiet, quirky, quixotic, quizzical, quiet


reckless, rude, respectful, realistic, rambunctious, resentful, resilient, radical, rebellious, reflective, reserved, reverent, rigid, responsible


selfish, self-pitying, shy, smart, stubborn, superficial, sympathetic, slob, stalwart, steadfast, selfish, tactless, sociable, skillful, superiority complex, sadist, soft-hearted, self confident, simple, spirited, sarcastic, sullen, smart, sneaky, stable, studious


talented, talkative, tall, tenacious, tender, thankful, timid, tiny, tolerant, trendy, twisted, trusting, taking self too seriously, territorial, troubled, tantalizing


ugly, unctuous, unique, uppity, unable to commit, uncommunicative, unconfident, unmannered, untrusting, understanding, unrefined, unbearable, uncanny, undiplomatic, unfriendly, unhappy, ungrateful, ungracious, ungainly, unfriendly, uninviting, unkind, unmotivated, unyeilding


vain, vainglorious, venomous, veracious, vexatious, vicious, vigorous, villainous, virtuous, vivacious, voluptuous, vociferous, volatile


wacky, warm, weak, wealthy, well-bred, wise, witty, weak-willed, weird, wild, willful, witty, whimsical, worldly, worrisome, wretched, wry




yappy, yielding, young, youthful


zaftig, zany, zazzy, zealous, zesty, zippy, zoetic, zoic, zonked