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Chat Rules

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Chat Rules

Please note we've moved from the old ajax chat to : Discord Chat

The Mizahar Chat Feature exists for the sole purpose of supporting of Mizahar as a writer’s roleplaying game. Chat provides a safe family friendly place for real time question and answer or planning sessions between both players and moderators, players and players, and to add an instant additional ‘help’ feature to the game that is very important. New players can drop into chat, get to know some of the existing players and ask for advice or help in getting started.

Like all chats, there is no set subject matter or topic. The discussion can flow randomly between one subject to the next or have multiple conversations going on in a singular moment. Chat is open to just about any Mizahar-related topic or interest, including writing in and of itself. However, there is a need for a code of conduct within chat that includes rules and clearly outlines penalties for ignoring those rules. All Mizahar players are invited to join chat and actively participate within its boundaries. The following are the chat specific rules for the game:

  • Ignorance of the Chat Rules is no excuse for not following them.
  • All Rules and Terms of Use within Mizahar’s community will be followed. This is the condition one agrees to in order to receive an account here and being given permission to playing within our environment. These rules shall be firmly enforced to provide a safe and positive environment both within the game and within chat itself.
  • Respect your fellow chatters. This means no vulgarity, disparaging remarks, arguments, or insults. We have a very low tolerance of this and you will be warned instantly if this is witnessed by an admin.
  • Excessive emoting or use of /me to preform 'chat actions' is not allowed because it creates unnecessary and annoying spam that might interfere with questions being read/answered or on topic discussions continuing.
  • Please use English in chat as it is the required language of Mizahar. This also includes avoiding the use of L33T speak or other internet/texting slang.
  • All people who state they are 'bored' will be instantly excused from chat to go write.
  • Ostentatious, arrogant, or know-it-all players in chat that hijack conversations to speak about themselves, their knowledge, or the greatness of their PCS shall be instantly excused from chat.
  • Avoid flames, flooding, trolling, and sensitive topics as outlined by the Terms of Use.
  • The use of cryptic or innuendo-type language to 'skirt' chat rules is not allowed.
  • All chatters will be treated equally regardless of their status as a moderator or player, length of duration on Mizahar, or knowledge level.
  • Feel free to report chat abuses that occur when an Admin is not present. Do so by submitting a log to the help desk including a time and date on the report. Your report will remain anonymous and can be verified by reviewing the chat logs.
  • All Administrators (denoted by red or green usernames) shall be acknowledged respectfully when they ask for a change in behavior. If an admin asks for a behavior change, they will expect these changes to happen immediately.
  • Avoid all use of colored text. Not everyone uses the same chat "Style" and while something might be visible for you it could be blinding for another chatter.
  • As with the main site, moving .gifs are not allowed in chat. We do not care if you are a Nitro subscriber or not. Aesthetics are never more important than writing and vanity has no place. You can always make a separate account for Mizahar Chat. We do not care if this is inconvenient to you.
  • If a member remains inactive in chat for 30 days they will be kicked.
  • Admins can remove a chat member at any time. They do not need to state a reason.

Noncompliance to Chat Rules

We expect all chat rules to be followed. If they are not, there are consequences.

  • Upon first incident, a chat user will be verbally warned and the rules explained.
  • Upon second incident, a chat user will be kicked from chat for the duration of a week.
  • Upon third incident, a chat user will be permanently uninvited from chat.
  • Upon an additional appearance within chat after an uninvited has been issued, the player will be uninvited from the site.
  • If an incident is serious enough, a chat user might be issued an immediate uninvite without warning.
  • Admins can remove a chat member at any time. They do not need to state a reason.

The Admins are keeping track of who has been warned where and why, and any interactions of kicking users from chat. If behavior shows a trend towards negative interactions, an uninvite to chat may be issued immediately.