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Eston Moriander

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Eston Moriander
Date of birth3rd of Fall 460AV
Place of birthSunberth
TitleHomestead proprietor
GnosisCultivation lvl 3
Wilderness Survival77
Weapon: Pitchfork52
Weapon: Hand Crossbow51
Animal Husbandry51

Eston Moriander is a farmer in Sunberth who is the owner of The Moriander's Homestead. He's married to Lthgri of the Slitted Throat and has six children: Esdon, Aathan, Emrick, Ansai, and two twin daughters Zulana and Estrana


Born and raised in Sunberth. Eston is a farmer, it's all he's ever known. Its what his father, his grandfather, his great grandfather, and its what the past generations have performed as well. Moriander is a rather insensitive, rude, and unbearable man to anyone who cares little for the effort to bringing forth a good harvest. It takes time for people to see that he is a humble man who just won't stop working the land no matter the situation.