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Ethereal Jaguar

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Image:Scroll2.png "They are born from the fog and mists of the mountains, to see even one in a lifetime is an honor few hold."
- Linnik of the Cutthroat Shadows, Myrian Scout
Ethereal Jaguar
Falyndar Fauna
Threat levelMedium to Low
Major featuresLight Hued and Patterned Fur
AbilitiesCautious stealthy hunters
Most common incloud forests

Ethereal Jaguars are majestic felines that keep to higher elevations and the thick covering of cloud forests for hunting and survival. Their shy and reclusive nature has created a mystical aura around the breed that has made them the stuff of stories and tales all across Falyndar and beyond.



Ethereal Jaguars on average are 3 feet tall at the shoulder, and 10-12 feet long depending on tail size. Their ears end in wispy points, and possess sharp curved claws for hunting and climbing as well as a mouth full of sharp teeth for eviscerating their prey. From afar it looks as though the Jaguar is in constant motion, or that a breeze is constantly blowing across its fur. This is due to the uniquely beautiful pattern that each jaguar possess, multi-hued which flourishes at the ends and give it a sense of motion even if the cat is standing still. The Jaguar has light grey fur, with darker spots along its body, and its irises are white, though this does not impair it's vision. Much smaller than it's tiger relatives, the Etheral Jaguar is lean and dexterous, making it a lightning fast ambush predator.

Social Structure

Ethereal Jaguars are solo predators. The males have no fixed home, and will roam across vast expanses in pursuit of mates and prey. The females will roam for a time, but upon mating will settle down in a region in order to raise its young. The period of rearing doesn’t last long, however, consisting of just enough time to birth the young and then teach them the basics of the hunt. After this year long period the mother will leave her young, and continue to live a solitary life. In a single female’s life, she will only have two litters, consisting of no more than two offspring. The young reach maturity two years after birth and full stature after four years. Ethereal Jaguars are known to live 15 - 20 years at most.

Hunting Techniques

When hunting the Ethereal Jaguar keeps low to the ground, and tries to remain in constant motion, which in unison with its features and fur pattern, make it seem like a blurred illusion. All of this coupled with the Jaguar’s natural capabilities of stealth, and preferred terrain of hunting, make it a deadly predator. Also the Ethereal Jaguar is not above simply wounding its prey and stalking it, this allows it to occasionally hunt larger prey or prey in groups. Despite its success as an ambush predator the color of the Jaguar's fur restricts it to hunting either under the cover of fog or in the night. This makes the cat a King in its natural home of the cloud forest's of the jungle, but a distinct target if it is driven from its territory into lower altitudes for any reason.

Additional Information

The rarity and beauty of these jungle cats causes them to not be often hunted, and it is whispered in tales of how Akajia herself told Caiyha a story that inspired these stealthy nocturnal predators. However, if one is killed as a result of a self-defense situation, then the pelt can fetch a high price in both Zinrah and Taloba. Alternatively the pelt can be fashioned into a very unique piece of attire, that mimics the natural illusory pattern of the Ethereal Jaguar. The silvery pelts are treasured by Dhani both for camouflaging and simply the prestige that comes with having such a rare coat. Myrians see the Ethereal Jaguar as just that, a guardian of the mists and the more dangerous places of the wilds, it is a creature revered and respected and a gift to gaze upon once in a lifetime if you are lucky, so killing one is usually seen in a negative light.