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Experience Points

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Experience points or XP are a method by which players can track their characters' progress in skills, disciplines, and/or magic abilities. Experience points are awarded by Storytellers at the completion of threads. A Domain Storyteller (DS) or an Assistant Storyteller (AS) can award XP for any thread within his or her Domain. A Regional Storyteller can award XP for any thread within his or her Region (including all the domains that fall within the region's boundaries). Site Admins can give XP for any thread.

A Grader also has the ability to award XP to a thread.


How Experience Points are Awarded

Upon completion of a thread, a player should post a request in the thread set up for award/moderation requests. Each individual city usually has a Grade Request thread specifically for threads that take place in that city.

Number of Experience Points Awarded

Each thread can be worth anywhere from 1 to 5 experience points per skill or discipline. Threads can be awarded XP for more than one skill. If, for example, a Morphing mage PC changes shape multiple times within a complex thread and also uses a weapon for a lengthy battle scene, the PC could be awarded 1 - 5 XP for Morphing and also 1 - 5 XP for the appropriate weapon skill. There is no hard and fast post count requirement per thread, nor is there a length requirement per post. However, experience is awarded on a per-post basis, except in exceptional cases. If Bob has three posts in his solo, and he does a point-worthy dagger action in each, he is awarded a max of 3 points. However, if Bob writes a single post that is lengthy and very detailed, he may be awarded multiple points for that post.

Guidelines for PCs

  • Always Track your XP with links in your Character Sheets or Plotnotes.
  • Don't count XP until XP has been officially awarded.
  • Creativity and originality weigh heavily on a Storyteller's XP decisions.
  • While not a requirement, reading the Grading Guide will give a better understanding of how the system works.

Guidelines for Storytellers

  • Please read the Grading Guide thoroughly.
  • Read the thread completely. Our players put time and effort into writing threads and deserve to have them read thoroughly.
  • Be prudent. Use common sense when awarding XP.
  • Post all XP awards publicly in the last post of a thread.