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Fauna of Eyktol

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File:Tsana.jpg Tsana

Size: Large
Appearance: A bull like body with clawed feline feet, a thick dragging tail and a long toothy snout.
Reputation: Highly dangerous
Location: Throughout the Burning Lands
Abilities: Tsana tend to roam in packs and are group hunters. Their long snouts allow them to snatch prey from crevices in the rocks or dig for it in the sand. When hunting larger game, they use their tails to stun and debilitate their prey before biting them. While not as clever as Baral, they have a crude communication system with one another.

File:Baral.jpg Baral

Size: Large
Appearance: Not known for certain, but they are thought to have four thick legs and flatter rectangular backs. It is believed they have faces set between their hulking shoulders instead of on a proper head, and can hunch over to ram animals without injury. Some claim they have black shaggy fur, while others say they have trim glossy fur. What is absolutely known is they have wide set eyes that glow red in the dark. It is the lambent eyes of the Baral that cause travelers to both dread and desire darkness.
Reputation: Incredibly dangerous nocturnal animal.
Location: In the barren heart of the Burning Lands
Abilities: Baral hunt only at night, tunneling deep into the sand during the day. They use their sense of smell to locate prey in the desolate center of the Burning Lands. Their method of hunting is to charge prey, opening their eyes at the last possible moment, using the intense red light to stun or blind them. Barals are easily large enough to trample a man.

File:Goldwolf.jpg Golden Wolf

Size: Medium
Appearance: A leaner wolf with longer legs and webbing between their toes. They have long snouts and amber eyes. Most notable is their fur, a pale gold color sometimes blended with tawny shades.
Reputation: Aloof but dangerous if provoked
Location: Throughout the Burning Lands
Abilities: Not unlike their regional counterparts to the north and west, Golden wolves have excellent hunting skills and organization within their numbers. Their coats allow them to blend in with the sand and webbing between their toes allows them to run at good speeds.

File:Ecow.jpg Desert Cow

Size: Medium
Appearance: Long limbed with small horns and hair that ranges from white, to light gold to black.
Reputation: Harmless unless it decides to kick
Location: The borders of Eyktol, favoring coastal regions
Abilities: Can survive harsher temperatures and eat desert scrub. Rarely found outside of a Benshira's or Eypharian's herd. They are a source of milk and cheese, second to goats, and for wealthier families, meat.

File:Jackal.jpg Eypharian Jackal

Size: Small
Appearance: A dog like snout with a fox-like body, jackals have longer legs, big feet, pointed ears and curved canines. Their short, coarse fur is usually yellow to pale gold and brown-tipped, though the color can vary with season and region.
Reputation: Scavengers that can turn nasty
Location: Spread throughout the Burning Lands but most popular near Ahnatep and the Redstone formations. Tend to be very territorial and hunt at dawn or dusk.
Abilities: Eypharian jackals are fast enough to chase down their living prey of birds and small mammals and can sustain good speed for long distances. They hunt alone or in pairs. Occasionally they serve as guard dogs in Eypharian households.

File:Egoat.jpg Bowbacked Goat

Size: Small
Appearance: A barrel chested creature with coarse rust colored hair and curved horns.
Reputation: Sturdy but generally harmless
Location: In coastal regions and the Redstones
Abilities: Can eat just about any sort of plant and can easily withstand the desert heat. Especially dense skulls allow them to butt other animals without injury, and their thick bodies have an organ that stores water for a significant time. They are the most popular cattle and the primary source of milk and cheese.

File:Petiwa.gif Petiwa: Sky-Dogs

Size: Medium
Appearance: A lean, long-legged creature with wolf, dog and fox like traits. Its back is a pale blue fading into sand colors with dark legs. Its coloring imitates its hunting ground, making it well camouflaged.
Reputation: A fast, intelligent and patient hunter. Not a pack animal, but will often take a mate for life. If hungry enough, it will attack men. A daylight hunter, it rests in burrows or shallow holes during the evening.
Location: In any regione where there is scrub or caves.
Abilities: Excellent camouflage and sense of smell. Is also one of the fastest sprinters in the desert. Is able to burrow and withstand venomous attacks on its feet and muzzle due to tough skin and a natural immunity to many toxins.