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Franck Farabar

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Franck Farabar
Date of birth4th of Summer, 464 AV (aged 59)
Place of birthZeltiva
TitleA Lonesome Smuggler

Franck Farbar is a sailor on the Akvatar route.


Born and raised in Zeltiva, Farabar grew up around sailors and the sea, as his father was a minor secretary for the Sailors' Guild and his mother worked as a vendor at the Fish Market. As soon as he was old enough and strong enough, he secured a position as a deckhand on a trading vessel along the Akvatar route. He proved himself a steady, dependable worker and gradually worked his way up the ranks to become a sailor, then the first mate, and finally the quartermaster aboard the ship. At age 30, though, Farabar fell madly in love with a girl studying at the University and plotted to elope with her, on the strength of the inheritance his father left him when he died and his small savings from working on the trading vessel.

However, before they could run away, the girl's father found out about their plans and shipped her out of Zeltiva and out of reach to Farabar. Distraught, Farabar took the money he would have used to run away to instead buy a modest saique, which he named the Golden Jackal, and poured all the love he would have devoted to the girl to his ship, fixing her up and hiring good crew to sail her. Soon, the Golden Jackal became a familiar sight along the coasts of Zeltiva, Akvatar, and Ahnatep as he resumed sailing the Akvatar route as a ship's captain. With the same solid, unspectacular competence he displayed since he was a lad, Captain Farabar guided the ship back and forth from all three cities for more than a decade.

At age 47, however, the fever of love struck Captain Farabar once more, when he met a lovely Eypharian woman, daughter of a farmer who rented land from the House of the West Winds and harvested flax and a small amount of gloam flowers on their behalf. She became his mistress, whom he visited every time he came to Ahnatep. Recently, she has persuaded Captain Farabar to begin smuggling the refined pellets of the drug Mirage, made from the gloam flower, and sell it in Zeltiva on the black market. While not illegal in Ahnatep the drug in Zeltiva meant a trip to the legendary Zeltiva Prison. Eager to please his mistress and raise her social standing with the profits of his smuggling, the enamored captain has been using portions of his cargo, such as pottery vases and jars, as containers to smuggle pellets of Mirage into Zeltiva. Though the steady, serious captain is aware that what he is doing may not be entirely legal, he would do anything to make his mistress happy, especially if it also enriches his own coffers in the process.