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Glav Navik

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Glav Navik

Priest of Wind Reach
Date of birth0 AV (aged 523)
Place of birthUnknown
TitlePriest & Son of Sylir
DomainPeace, Civilization
Divine rank4
SymbolsSymbol of Infinity - Peace
Worshipped inNowhere
Gnosis marks

Glav Navik has for the whole of his life been a student of religion. Having taken it upon himself to intensely study the Gods and their interactions with the world and each other, Glav is a bastion of knowledge in a somewhat chaotic life. He holds services every five days, and maintains the Temple of All Gods where folks can come, meditate, pray or even strike up a discussion with him. Glav is reported to have more gnosis marks than any current living person on Mizahar.

Glav has one enormous secret, and it is the reason he seems so wise and at peace with himself and the others who come to see him seeking answers and spiritual advice. Though virtually unknown, even among the Gods, Glav has connections that run deep to the city of Syliras, and could be considered one of its greatest protectors. He however has recently left Syliras to move to Wind Reach where he is trying to ascend to Godhood.


Glav's Appearences
heightThe Temple of All GodsOld Syliras Residence
heightAct I - The Blue Horizon and Beyond.Glav Navik and his party leaves Syliras.