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Granyl Weavr

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Granyl Weavr

Wind Reach's Carver
Date of birth479 AV (aged 44)
Place of birthDenval
TitleCarver and Carpenter

Granyl Weavr is a young man with thin, dirty blonde hair and a spattering of sparse facial hair. He is tall and thin, with calloused finger pads and palms. His nails often have dirt caked under them. He is mostly quiet, and doesn't usually have much to say on any subject besides the arts he practices. He avoids conflict of any kind, and seeks to make his customers happy with his work on their orders.

He made his way to Wind Reach from Denval for the simple dream of living among the fiery headed people and their Wind Eagle mounts. As a teen, he learned to craft things from wood, but it wasn't until an Inartan woman requested of him a wooden doll for her daughter that he found his love of carving. Though it took him more than a handful of tries, and the product was a rough, splintery figurine, the woman was pleased and purchased the doll. In between crafting orders for furniture and the like, Granyl would use the scrap wood as material for creating wooden figurines. As his skill progressed, he began working with stone, as well. He saved his earned pinions and occasionally purchases new tools for his trade.

Granyl is lighthearted and kind, often eager to please more so than earn. He takes great pride in his trade, and is willing to help anyone who may find passion in the art. He asks only respect and patience, and that the first item his student creates is given to him as a token. On the back wall of his home is a shelf he built on his own that spans from the floor to the ceiling. It is lined with the same rough, splintery figurines that he first made, as well as the first of each of his apprentices.