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Harry "the Leg"

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Harry "the Leg"
Date of birth456 AV
Place of birthSunberth
TitleShipwright & Privateer.

Harry "the Leg' is a ship builder in Sunberth who frequents Baroque Bay.


Why is Harry called "the Leg"? Because he only has one. The other being a nice metal peg leg. While no one can get the details straight on Old "the Leg", he's fallen in nicely at Baroque Bay as a fixer and builder of ships. Not that he has the materials to make anything fantastic, he does well with his small shipwrighting company, fixing old boats and making repairs on the vessels that make dock at Sunberth. He's even known to collect the derelict ships of those individuals that mysteriously "disappear" inside of Sunberth, most of whom are known to slight "the Leg" in some way or another. Of course, he denies the accusations of his involvement. He's only got one leg! How would he be able to kill a man with two? Such silliness does not suit "the Leg" at all. Harry spends most of his time fishing on "the Leg's Other Leg", a pier named appropriately for its common inhabitant.