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Havier Avens

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Havier Avens
Date of birth440 AV (aged 83)
Place of birthKalinor
TitleOwner of the Hunter's Gather
Food Preservation72

Havier Avens is the owner of the tavern Hunter's Gather and a former hunter.


Havier Avens is a former hunter. It is obvious in the way he moves and looks at the people that enter his tavern. Despite his age he can usually be found behind the counter of the Hunter’s Gather where he entertains his guests with stories of his hunts and harvests. He likes to point out how he prefers a spear for hunting and the northern races for surrogates. Looking at his grandchildren, with their almost blond hair and the eyes which shimmer when the light hits them right, in seems his penchant is shared by others of his web.

Appearance and Personality

Havier Avens has become thin during the past couple of years, more so than the average Symenestra, the clearest sign of his advanced age. But his golden eyes are still full of life, and his hearing is as good as ever. Despite his age Havier Avens is agile and able to move quickly when a situation demands it. He is a proud man and usually his things under control.