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The Help Desk is a special forum in Mizahar that allows users to ask for assistance when they are having any sort of problems. These problems can be as simple as a question on their account passwords, which storyteller to ask about a specific thread, or if they are having more serious problems like another player harassing them. Never hesitate to use the Help Desk, but please try to resolve issues or get questions answered by a local storyteller if they are the type of question that can be answered thusly. Please note the Help Desk is often referred to as the HD.


The Purpose and Scope Of The Help Desk

The Help Desk has a clearly defined function. It exists to facilitate the smooth operation of Mizahar and to be a place where players can go to for the following...

  • Special Permissions (races, abilities, backgrounds, konti gifts, talderian animals, lost disciplines, etc)
  • Complaints & Concerns (ToU violations, rules violations)
  • Suggestions (Game Mechanics, Bugs, etc)
  • Identification of OOC Problems (Conflicting Lore Entries, etc)
  • NPCs
  • Gnosis Permissions (any and all levels, D.A.T.S.)

All other issues need to be taken to Storytellers or the Question and Answer Forum. Please note the help desk is not a place to request grades, wages, ask for a job, etc. That must be done in the Domain a character is roleplaying in.

Special Permission

More commonly though, the help desk is used for 'special permission' scenarios where a player might need to outline a proposal for a special circumstance that requires administrative permissions. This special circumstance might be a unique background (My PC came from space?!) or a unique race that they might want to play. Whatever the request, please thoroughly outline whatever it is you wish to receive permission for including any bonuses and drawbacks a special permission situation might entail. Please avoid generalities such as 'My PC, being this unique race, will have added strength and intelligence." That is a generality. Tell us how much stronger and why they will be in detail, such as... "Rather than the normal 80 lbs of lift, my PC will be strong enough to lift twice that after this change." Please note that any special permission requests need to be balanced. If your PC gains something, they need to loose something as well.

Help Desk Etiquette and Conduct

When posting a request or concern in the Help Desk, it is a good idea to conduct oneself politely and respectfully. Doing so will ensure like responses from the Founders. Though we wish to support creativity and full enjoyment of our world, we do have a vision for Mizahar and work to maintain it. As a result, we cannot guarantee that all requests submitted to the Help Desk will be granted. While we will strive to answer your questions quickly and concisely as well as address your concerns in the best manner possible, not all answers may be what one wants to hear.

If for some reason your request for some form of Special Permission (Character Concept, Request for Gnosis marks, etc.) is not granted the first time around, we will explain why and try to help you get it approved by suggesting things you can do to better fit it into Mizahar.

Those players who disagree with the decisions made by the Founders in the Help Desk and choose to react with anger, disrespect or blatant refusal to abide by said decisions, will have their Help Desk thread locked and no more discussion accepted on the subject. Those players who respond like this also risk being uninvited from the game altogether. There will be little to no tolerance for disrespect given by players to the Founders in the Help Desk.


If a Founder takes the time to respond to your help desk ticket please take the time to respond to their response. No one likes to have taken the time to write out a lengthy response only to have it then go unacknowledged.