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Inecino Kimur

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Image:Scroll2.png "Tattoos have a power and magic all their own. They decorate the body but they also enhance the soul."
- Inecino Kimur, Tattoo Artist
Inecino Kimur

Tattoos for the soul
Date of birth486 AV (aged 37)
Place of birthLhavit
TitleTattoo Artist




Inecino is a born and bred Lhavitian. He's always had an aptitude for drawing and painting. His parents always had high hopes for him to become a renowned artist, and at first it seemed that it would go that way. However, one day while he was painting a landscape just over Sartu, he was interrupted by a lost traveler. The man was a heavily tattooed Myrian, and was very unfamiliar with the area. Inecino was immediately fascinated by the ink covering the man. He immediately invited the man to stay with him for a while. The man agreed tentatively. Inecino became obsessed with drawing the man and his tattoos, and on more than one occasion he had crossed the line of personal space.

After weeks of badgering, the man finally agreed to teach Inecino the art of tattooing. While he never spoke of his past and why he was no longer in the jungles, he did teach all the art and style of Myrian tattooing. And his student was a very quick learner. In a season's time, Inecino was an accomplished tattooist, having done several of his own. His Myrian mentor left town, but his teachings would live on.