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Interior Mapper's Set

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Part of the Mapper's Set

Interior Mapper’s Set

This long map tube contains both a scroll and a small stone orb the size of an average fist. When the scroll is unfolded and the orb tossed into the air in the proper environment (underground in a cave, inside a building, within a sewer, etc) this magic item set will go to work. The orb will begin to glow and then will begin tracing the area around itself, roaming down corridors, through any open doors, cavities, etc and correspondingly on the scroll a map will appear. It almost takes on a sentience, some would describe as aspects of a bloodhound seeking out not scent but openings and fingers from the point of its release. The bigger the cave system or building, the longer it takes the mapping set to work. The scroll, itself magic, will expand in size to be inclusive to what its matching orb maps. The orb may pass by the owner and its scroll multiple times to get its map completed. When done mapping the closed system, the orb will return to the owner and hover growing dim. The owner can then pluck it out of the air and return it to the map tube. The Interior Mapper’s Set will not stop mapping until all aspects of the space are mapped. So one cannot recall the orb at any time. It must compete its work. Warning: If released in an unending non-closed system, this scroll will expand eternally and the mapper will not return to the owner since it will never complete its mapping.


Interior Mapper's Set
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