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Date of birth488 AV (aged 35)
Place of birthZeltiva

Justice at Mura's house of cards.


A woman of about 5'4 in height, and a slender frame, most would think her little to look at, despite her tendency to dress rather scantily, in strangely flowing clothes, which at times appear as robes, and others, several strips of cloth artfully draped over her womanly form. A dark pearl necklace always drooping over her middle, contrasting the dark band she wears over her eyes. Several think this due to her being afraid of the light, or perhaps troubled by it, few know the truth: her state as one of the world's blind.


A rather balanced and level headed person, Irina's main focus is to maintain a sense of harmony and equilibrium. She often takes responsibility for things she should not, in order to maintain balance, and will often care for those younger or less able than she. She is in no way rash however, and will never rush into a decision. For that matter, some find her a bit frustrating for she must always weigh all options before coming to a conclusion. This however, may also be considered one of her greatest strengths, for she can always see both sides to a story. It is for this reason then, that many people come to her when trying to solve a disagreement.


A woman blinded by a wolf when out on a hunting trip with her brother, she often says there is little more to tell...