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God of Strength
TitleGod of the Izur
DomainStrength, Patience, Industry
Divine rank3
CultsThe Church of Izurdin

Izurdin is revered by the Isur who consider him to be their lord and father. It was Izurdin who passed on the skill and knowledge of advanced craftsmanship unto Izurith, the first King of the Isur and his first mortal child. This knowledge was handed down over the centuries from Izurith to his children and to their children until the Isur became the undisputed masters of industry. Izurdin, devastated by what happened to his children during the Valterrian, provided visions and guidance to Sultros, the Isurian king during the Valterrian, so that he may lead his people away from annihilation. He is known to most however as the Mt. King, strong, patient and eternal.



Izurdin is the undisputed Lord of Industry. Before the Valterrian, he was known to grace certain craftsman of unique talent with his presence and inspire them to construct one-of-a-kind examples of near divine work. Most of these artifacts have been lost following the Valterrian although there are signs that Izurdin may be gracing others with his presence once more. Scattered reports of wondrous items being crafted by the hands of mortals have been surfacing giving hint that the Lord of Industry is still watching. The God of Strength and Patience, Izurdin is often prayed to when one seeks patience or the strength to overcome. Though known to bless mortals regardless of their race, his love for the Isur shadows all else and it is they whom he showers his affection upon..


Izurdin, though active in mortal affairs to a point, prefers to grace them with inspirational visions instead of appearing to them in the flesh. He enjoys seeing a person find it within themselves to create and only gives a nudge if he feels they can build upon it on their own. When he does appear in the flesh, he appears as an Isur with a red arm and baring a chiseled body of perfection. Such appearances are rarer in the centuries after the Valterrian though they still occur. While in the flesh, Izurdin has been known to grant his personal touch and blessing to various works of art and industry. It is said that his direct touch is what helped the Isur build their mountain kingdom for such a task could only have been achieved with the help of a god. He is a patient god, soft spoken yet carrying an aura of unimaginable strength. Izurdin is one of the few truly neutral gods of Mizahar. As the literal definition of patience, he does not take sides save for the Valterrian where the near annihilation of his chosen children, the Isur, by Ivak's rage, drove the God of Industry to forge the prison that forever binds Ivak to dormancy. Izurdin values industry, creation and construction above all else save for mortal displays of profound patience and feats of amazing strength; regardless of their intent.


Although many acknowledge Izurdin with several paying homage to him, the Isur are his primary followers. They incorporate Izurdin into every aspect of their lives. The Church of Izurdin, located in the city of Sultros, is the largest structure dedicated solely to him. The church itself looks more like a grand forge than a traditional church or temple. This has led to many a forge, mine, or other industrial complex housing small shrines dedicated to the God of Industry. Some rumors, dismissed by most if not all Isur, also state that in the ruins of the Grand Isurian Cathedral in the shattered remains of the city of Izurith, another following of Isurdin exists. This one is said to be a much darker form of worship on the part of the Vicerin Isur; the lost clan of Isur supposedly destroyed when the city fell to the Valterrian. Speaking this in the presence of an Isur however is akin to the worse blasphemy.