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Kirnan Sorrel

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Kirnan Sorrel
Date of birth461 AV (aged 59)
Place of birthNyka
TitleHigh Priest of the Bountiful Wheat

Though he seems large and intimidating at first glance, Kirnan is ultimately kind. As he hopes every monk should be, he is dedicated to his patron Alvina and Her name. He has taken Skerr’s example in most parts of his life, and has been described as fatherly in his leadership strategies. An intensely passionate man, he gives his maximum effort in most all things he does, which include scheduling the planting of the fields, botanical research of all varieties, strength training as physical perfection, and enforcing order in his Quarter. Of his fellow priests, he is the most likely to be seen on the streets with his fellow monks, keeping the peace and punishing crimes.


Kirnan was born and raised in the Southern District, venturing elsewhere only to get around the wall and into the farmlands, where he worked the fields and learned the rhythm of the plantlife. Though he has always been larger than most, he enjoyed hard work to gluttony, and soon became one of the strongest of the farmers, and the most devoted to the land. It was because of that strength that a friend suggested to him that he try for the priesthood, and the rest is history. Some blame his taste for flattery played a part in his ascension in the ranks, but his ability to inspire a man to action cannot be doubted.