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"Pain is my Pleasure"
TitleGoddess of Murder and Pain
DomainPain, Murder
Divine rank3
SymbolsBloody Handprint
CultsThe Mortanis
Worshipped inThroughout Mizahar

Krysus is the Goddess of Murder. She is one of the youngest of the divine in that she was born from the death of Sylir, God of Peace and Civilization. When Rhysol killed Sylir during the chaos of the Valterrian, such a devastating act of murder sent shockwaves throughout Mizahar and beyond; a shockwave great enough that it reached the long dead remains of one of the old gods that existed long before the arrival of the humans; an ancient being known only as Zhivuus. At that moment, a child was born, a girl. This was no ordinary child to be sure for she was spawned from the remains of an ancient being and awoken by divine murder. Inheriting the essence of her ancient predecessor, she took up the mantle of murder from the act that created her. A child as far as the divine are concerned, she took the name, Krysus and declared herself Goddess of Murder and Pain.

Following the death of Sylir and the imprisonment of Ivak, the world fell into an era of chaos and despair. Pain and murder were a way of life for many and thus Krysus' divine power grew. In the tumultuous time of the Valterrian and for some time after, Krysus' existence went unnoticed. That was until her power became too much to dismiss. As the other gods and goddesses finally realized that another of their kind had been created, enemies and allies were immediately made. Rhysol was the first of the dark gods to approach her via a messenger. Although indirectly responsible for her creation, Rhysol was seen by Krysus as too unstable and not to be trusted. The meeting ended with Krysus slaying the messenger outright as a way of telling Rhysol she wanted nothing to do with him. Enraged at first, Rhysol realized that such a creature could only aid him in spreading instability throughout the world.

The other gods looked on Krysus with mixed opinions. Some saw her as a necessary evil that could possibly help restore balance to the world while still others saw her as a terrible threat that should be disposed of before it was too late. Krysus has proven very difficult to remove however as attempts to kill her have been met with terrible pain and death to those sent to do the deed.

Over the five centuries since the beginning of her divine existence, Krysus had developed a powerful following among murderers, assassins and like-minded individuals. She has also created her own formal cult of ruthless assassins known as the Mortanis. This cult is comprised of individuals from all races and walks of life who excel in the act of murder and who enjoy the pain others feel as they die upon Mortanis blades. The Mortanis are not mindless in their killing and do not do so randomly as such things are the domain of Rhysol. Instead, they act with purpose and when they kill, they do so for a reason. Only elite killers are offered entry into the Mortanis; those with proven, unchallenged skill in the art of murder. The Mortanis operate throughout Mizahar and secretly offer their services to those with mizas enough to pay.

Those who have interacted with Krysus, both mortal and divine, describe her as being much like a teenage human girl during consumed by mood swings and prone to temper tantrums.


Krysus' symbol is that of a bloody handprint. Those who act on the will of Krysus, namely the Mortanis, leave a bloody handprint upon their victims as a sign to others that the touch of Krysus can reach anyone.

Mark Opposition

Krysus is rather fickle when it comes to her WILLING followers being marked by other gods. She tolerates followers being marked by Ssena, Rhysol, Vayt, Sagallius, Uldr. There are others however whom she will not take kindly to her followers being marked by. Rak'keli for example, is one of Krysus' most hated foes. If a follower of Krysus were to somehow be marked by Rak'keli, the mark of Vexation would immediately transform into a negative mark. Kihala is also a bane to Krysus with follower suffering the same fate as those who attain a mark from Rak'keli.