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Vilemoss infestation
Astral coordinates3893849280160001
Common world
Duration of day24
Duration of year300 Mizahar days
Temperaturehot and humid
Breathable air
Liquid water
Plant life
Animal life
Sentient life

Kseyden (astral coordinates 3893849280160001) is a low world not distant from Mizahar. It is considered a common world, meaning that every Summoner is supposed to know them. It is one of several weedworlds, that is, planets that are more interesting for their plant life than animal life (in fact, Kseyden has no animal life whatsoever). Kseyden's surface is entirely covered in Vilemoss, which Summoners can harvest and sell or refine with the Poison skill. Vilemoss powder, when ingested or inhaled, will have deep effects on a life form's structure and metabolism, accelerating its metabolism and making it enter a state of constant hunger and violence. Care should be taken when harvesting Vilemoss, as the unprepared Summoner can unwillingly poison himself in the process.

Planetary information

Kseyden is about as large as Mizahar, though far more humid and slightly warmer on average. Its surface is completely covered in Vilemoss, a kind of dark green moss that gathers in peculiar-looking clusters. Vilemoss has made all other life on the planet extinct. It even caused the oceans to evaporate, filling the atmosphere with high humidity that it maintains as part of its unique life processes. Kseyden is one of those zero-diversity worlds so prized by Summoners as they host exactly one lifeform and therefore are highly predictable in the Summoning process.

Because it relies on such a high humidity level, Vilemoss could not thrive on Mizahar, not even in the wettest parts of Falyndar. Growing it in Mizahar is therefore very impractical except in special greenhouses that used to exist before the Valterrian. Nowadays, it is much more convenient to just harvest Vilemoss from Kseyden as needed.


Vilemoss looks innocent enough, but it is hostile to any other known lifeform. It only seems to tolerate other Vilemoss nearby. Even its powder will do considerable damage to most Mizaharian plant life in a matter of hours. It can cause minor but painful burns and abrasions on the skin if handled without leather gloves. It burns when ingested and feels like glass shards against the walls of one's stomach.

Vilemoss grows in clusters. When a Summoner opens a portal, he will typically insert a long pair of tweezers through the gateway and begin harvesting. This operation is best performed in a laboratory, and the Summoner will most likely cover himself from head to toe. While Vilemoss is by far not the most poisonous Summonable agent, it can still be nasty to touch and inhale.

Vilemoss does not survive more than a few hours in Mizahar's environment. It is either used right away or prepared into a proper Poison by someone of at least Competent level.

Toxin description

Vilemoss needs to be greatly refined before it can be used as a viable poison. Doses sell for around 200 Mizas each on the black market, but in general most poison brewers will have their own trusted Summoner providing them with the plant.

When assumed, Vilemoss triggers exceptionally fast metabolism, making the victim lose weight in a matter of hours. They become thin and long-limbed, their soft tissues retract and they tend to dehydrate. Their physical strength increases, though their reflexes deteriorate. Vilemoss victims are sometimes called 'ghouls'. Their hunger is almost bottomless, and they will hunt and eat basically anything that moves and most things that do not, though they will usually put in the least amount of effort and feed on corpses before they hunt living preys. One dose of Vilemoss loses effectiveness after 12 hours, but should a second dose be taken within three days, then there is a good chance of the effect becoming permanent. These 'ghouls' retain their intelligence and memories, though they have difficulty accessing them, and can be tamed and trained to a degree by someone feeding them regularly. They will serve loyally in exchange for food.

Healing can cure those afflicted with Vilemoss poisoning - one mark is required for the temporary case, two or more for the permanent one.