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Date of birth449 AV (aged 74)
Place of birthSyliras
TitleThe Magician

The Magician in Mura's house of cards.


An older man slight of body despite towering a few inches over six feet, Laurent's head sticks out in any crowd. His mane of wiry, dark grey hair is never lost, nor is the long beard that trails down the length of the long, flowing deep grey robes he tends to favor. Clutched in his right hand, and used to help walk, as well as occasionally conjure is an intricate wooden staff he never is seen without. It is said he sleeps beside it, with his eyes open, never letting the mysterious weapon out of his sight.


A wise old man, Laurent is taken to more than simple tricks and conjuring, although he is not unfond of the occasional slight of hand. He loves to come up with new ways of doing things-playing with the magical knowledge and power he possesses to entertain the young and anyone else who will watch his spectacles. He is rather comfortable in his own skin, and confident in his ability, occasionally taking on an apprentice or two and crafting them into sorceresses and sorcerers just as deft and dexterous as he. He molds them into model citizens, those responsible in the use of their ability, much as he. He loves to make sense of the unsensical, to illuminate the darkened mind and places. And yet, even so, he is not above a good old joke, or lofty in his mindset ordeals at all times. He thinks himself better than no one, despite his power, but on an even playing field. However, he has been known to come down harshly on those who misuse their abilities,and will oft find a way to teach them a lesson, sometimes going as far as to kill or maim when they cannot otherwise be controlled.