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Lilia Allis

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Lilia Allis
Date of birth448 AV (aged 75)
Place of birthZeltiva
TitleUniversity Botany Professor

Lilia Allis Is a professor for the University of Zeltiva in the College of Scholars. She teaches classes on Botany and Herbalism. Lilia has been with the university for many years now, and working in her current department since 491 A.V.



When she first started she taught a philtering class, but her insistence that it belonged with all other herbal sciences and not to be taught along side with arcane practices fell on deaf ears. Eventually the faculty underwent reform under a new headmaster and philtering was moved, along with Lilia, to the Alternative Medicinal department.

Lilia found herself no longer a teacher under the new reform but tending to the small greenhouse and garden instead. Her frequent voicing of her grievances with the way the university was run had burned many bridges. While her years of service allowed her to stay she had been stripped of her teaching position.

It was at this time she began to develop her more radical ideas involving plants. Ideas that to this day make her a social outcast and have her shunned by most of her students and fellow teachers. Her belief is that plants contain spirits, or souls if you would, much like other sentient beings. This alone was not considered to be that strange;however, soon Lilia dedicated all of her free time to the removal of plant ghosts for study. She has yet to succeed, but truly believes that the plants will give up their secrets once she meets them face to face.

Despite the laughing stock she had become, her keep eye and vast knowledge of the regional plants had not gone unnoticed. The headmaster in 506 AV allowed her to begin teaching again providing she kept her own views out of the classroom and granted her a job as one of the botany professors.


Lilia is a kind woman, albeit a bit flighty at times, who contains a great sense of justice and good judgement. She will almost always know right away if she likes someone long before they even open their mouth to speak.

One she gets up front and starts teaching she can ramble on and on about one plant without end, and often going over when the class should end. When she feels a student is not payment attention she will halt her speech mid sentence and ask them a seemingly random question, normally related to the last class session, to test alertness. Good grades are well rewarded with additional privileges in the classroom, where as poor grades will earn the student a private lesson. Above all else Lilia wants her students to learn, grades only matter to the point of learning the material.

Lilia always changes up her test methods to attempt to make her class cheat proof and will sometimes administer verbal tests to students one-on-one and her higher level classes are almost always completely hands on.


All classes with the exception of one are only offered in both Summer and Spring due to lack of plants available in both Fall and Winter for study.

Basic botany classes. Botany basics is broken down into four classes, two are taught by Lilia and two taught by her counterpart: Alwin Theodoor.

  • Botany 101: Basics in Identifying kinds of plants and plant structures, does not focus on the individual species of plant or the care for them.
  • Botany 102: Follow up class to 101 showcasing more advanced means of Identifying plants and goes into basic plant care by region but not by species.

Advanced botany classes. Their are six advanced classes that are once again split between the two teachers. Each class deals directly with the plants of their region and their care and use. Each class will identify the most common plants of the region and teach what they are commonly used for. While these are Botany classes the students also commonly learn about Herbalism and Philtering as well.

  • Botany 201: Plants of Sylira
  • Botany 203: Plants of Taldera
  • Botany 205: Plants of Kalea

In fall and winter Lilia teaches one class which is her own pet project: Herbalism 213. Herbalism 213 deals with plants mixed with religion. It covers both understood medicinal uses for some common plants but also covers the folk lore behind it and the folk medicine that has survived all this time. Lilia often lets her own beliefs seep through when she is teaching this class and has a hard time not letting the conversation go towards her own "unique" studies.

Class Schedule

Her summer and Spring classes are taught on alternating days with every fourth day being a day of rest. Two classes are taught on the first two days of the cycle and the last day of the cycle is a half day and a day for any private lessions the student needs.


  • Summer Day 1: Botany 101, Botany 201
  • Summer Day 2: Botany 102, Botany 203
  • Summer Day 3: Botany 205
  • Summer Day 4: Day off