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Malfus "The Blood"

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Malfus "The Blood"

"The Blood"
Date of birth470 AV (aged 53)
Place of birthRavok
TitleChampion of The Pit
Weapon: Great Axe75

First champion of the Pit, Malfus went on to win many more matches until retiring as the only undefeated champion. Originally a slave, he was granted his freedom by the Ebon Lord and given the job of running the Pit, scheduling fights and in charge of all the revenue generated by the arena. Malfus is a shrewd business man and a terrifying fighter. He is known for his ability to see right through anyone's bluff, in or out of the Pit, and does not take kindly to people trying to cheat him. Quick to anger, but just as quick to forgive over a cup of ale or a free night with a fine lady.