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The Quiet Reimancer
Date of birth480 AV (aged 43)
Place of birthWind Reach
TitleThe Acolyte
Illusionism2 Marks

Growing up in Wind Reach, Meloria had a childhood like many other Inartans; She never knew her father and barely knew her mother. Practically raising herself, Meloria was instantly drawn to Reimancy at the age of fifteen and the doors it opened for a nobody such as herself. With no desire what so ever to become an Endal, the young woman instead decided to use the Mountain that they inhabited to it's full potential. And so she began her study of Stone Reimancy.


Very quiet and subdued, Meloria made every attempt to go unnoticed. She preferred eyes to pass right over her form (which was usually hunched studying in a corner)and onto the next. That never happened, however, because of the beauty she possessed. Instead of adapting to encompass this influx of sexual attentions, Meloria instead burrowed deeper into the mountain, still trying to hide. Only those serious about learning stone reimancy are sent to her in her secluded corner of the craft gallery. However, over the years Meloria has started succumbing to her suitors wishes. Surprised by what she had been missing all these years, Meloria has worked the art of seduction into her teaching techniques.


Redheaded like every Inartan ever, Meloria was tall and lanky. With firm curves, a small waist and legs that went on for miles, she was considered very attractive. She had very expressive hazel eyes, that more often than not, were downcast or glued to a book. Her skin was pale, freckled and creamy. Her hair fell in gentle waves down her back and was often covered by a scarf or hood of some kind. She also bears both of her Ionu marks on either side of her neck.