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You CAN teach Old Dogs new tricks
RaceHuman, Inarta
Date of birth451 AV (aged 72)
Place of birthWind Reach
TitleThe Brains

Micquel likes to believe that his life started when he was blessed by Rek'keli. Though he studied under his mother, an herbalist, since he was a child, Micquel always felt drawn to healing. It wasn't until his mother lay dying that Micquel realized how helpless he was. Rek'keli granted Micquel a mark that night, but not in time to save his ailing mother. Micquel didn't get his second mark until almost a decade later, when he officially submitted himself to worship of the Healing Goddess.


Avora to the core, he wants nothing else than to help those in need. A rather nerdy boy as a child, Micquel spent hours upon hours in the Enclave, reading everything he could get his hands on pertaining to the healing arts. As soon as he was old enough to be apprenticed, he submitted his life to the task of healing. He is of modest to very good skill, with steady hands and more patience than probably anyone else in all of Mizahar, making him perfect for his job.


Micquel did not age well. Even in his late fifties, his fiery hair had turned to snow, his firm facial features falling into a set of wrinkles that gave him a tired look. Once standing over 6 feet in height, Micquel walked with a slight stoop and the beginnings of a limp. He could have done something to save himself from old age, healing these aches and pains as they came, but Micquel believed that each new ache was a badge of honor.