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Goddess of Winter
TitleQueen of Avanthal
DomainWinter, Ice, Snow
Divine rank3
Symbolssnowflake, icicle
CultsThe Icewatch
Worshipped inAvanthal, Taldera

Queen Morwen is considered the protector and ruler of the city of Avanthal in northern Taldera. The Goddess of Winter governs the entire realm of Mizahar once a season when she leaves Avanthal and walks freely throughout the whole of the world. Once her seasonal reign is over, she retreats to Avanthal, a city locked in ice all year long. Like all seasonal gods and goddesses, Morwen is immortal and has been part of the Mizaharian Pantheon for the whole of the world's existence.



Morwen rules over ice, snow, and paints the world in a fragile harsh beauty once a season. She is sometimes misunderstood as cold, callous, and unfeeling, though that couldn't be further from the truth. Queen Morwen's people love her, which is why Avanthal is so well-populated for a harsh northern city, supporting the theory that Morwen is a strong leader under whom people thrive.


Queen Morwen lives in the Ice Palace, which has an open door policy to visitors. She might not seem upon first inspection to be the kindest or most caring Goddess, but the truth of the matter is that she turns no one away who would make the far nothern journey to Avanthal to see her. Her personal assistant, Jenna Aviak screens her visitors, but if their request is legitimate and important, Morwen will see them. Queen Morwen has no close association with any of her fellow Gods and Goddesses, but there has been some rumor of her attachment to Sivah, God of Summer.


Morwen's followers are zealous in their support of their Queen. One need only to visit Avanthal to understand the lengths the city's people will to go stand up with their Queen. Avanthal is also the home of the Icewatch, a very powerful honor guard that supports the city and its denizens. The Icewatch acts as Morwen's personal guard and are distinguished by the dire-sized polar bears the soldiers ride. Morwen has perfected the art of living in harsh climates and, for all that her people suffer her frosty powers year round, they thrive in ingenious ways.


Morwen's gnosis is Ice Reaving, Ice Reaving is a gnosis that comes from the very soul of winter. Ice Reavers embrace the winter, the cold frigidness of ice, and revel in its stark breathtaking beauty. They control ice like it is a living breathing thing with a soul and a purpose. Ice Reavers have a complete and utter understanding of the nature of ice and its structure, recognizing its possibilities and benefits to those who wear The Ice Reaver mark.


Morwen's Appearances
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