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Mother Ilish (Twilrik)

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Mother Ilish (Twilrik)

Endal Caste Mother
Date of birth490 AV (aged 33)
Place of birthWind Reach
TitleMother or Endal

Mother Ilish (Twilrik) has been given two ranks of Gnosis by Gnora, because of her strict adherence and reinforcement of the Caste system. Ilish tries to organize everything in the most productive way possible. She chooses Dek cleaning teams to clean up the nesting area and rooms, while the rider is gone. She assigns scouting missions, food gathering, and Lookout Duty in a rotation so that everyone gets plenty of time off, but also works hard. Though Mother Ilish is a fair mistress and many people respect her, sadly few people can call themselves friends of her. Ilish seems to care very little about feelings, and has often been heard saying that it clouds her judgment.


Ilish was born into the Father Endal’s family, she had ten brothers and sisters, she being one of the first children born. As she grew up, her mother was forced to spend more time with the longer children, while her father spent most of his time with Endal planning hunting parties. She spent her time learning as much as she could from Endal men and women that her father commanded. When the day came to bond with an eagle Ilish jumped at the opportunity. She worked hard and even began to make friends with the other candidates. Sadly, she wasn’t picked the first time to bond, that honor went to her older brother. Consumed with the feeling of rejection, Ilish redoubled her efforts to become a suitable bond mate. She began to mediate, in order to release her feelings, and better think on what she did wrong. Slowly another eagle was ready to bond, and Ilish decided instead of being friendly to take charge. She did just that, forcing other children to do the work, while she bonded with eagle Twilrik. Seeing that emotions were overrated, she has worked hard to rid herself of them, while her eagle seems to be overcompensating by socializing and trying to find her a mate. Ilish took over for her father three years ago, and be all accounts has organized the entire caste with structure and efficiency.


Mother Ilish (Twilrik) is a cold woman. She relies on logic and reason to pass judgment on her fellow caste members. She organizes the Aeries and flight schedules to make sure everyone does their fair share. She even puts herself on the schedule, never asking anyone to do anything she wouldn’t do herself. Twilrik, however, is the complete opposite and will spend time socializing with other birds and people. There are many times where people will seek out Twilrik to past judgments on the matter of the heart. Twilrik is one of the few birds that plays metal chimes during festivals, and loves children. She secretly is searching for a mate for Ilish, hoping that someone would thaw her frozen heart.