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Owehlai Falls

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The Rainbringer's Waterfall

Located in the south of Falyndar, beyond Taloba and the Kandukta Basin, is the Owehlai Falls. Makutsi created the wild waterfall, giving it its nickname as the Rainbringer's Waterfall. It is difficult to reach at the best of times, and in the rainy season, it is downright improbable that many can make it through the torrential rain that covers the entire region. Improbable, but not impossible. But to the followers of Makutsi... what's a little rain amongst friends?

Owehlai Falls pours into a secluded lagoon, called the Pool of the Rainbringer, of unfathomable depth. The Charodae, perhaps the only natives to the region who could truly explore the depths, have a difficult time accessing it due to the Myrian savagery -- meaning that few, if any, know how deep the lagoon truly is. There are no fish in it, though some animals do visit to drink. Because of its difficulty in reaching, it is not considered a wise hunting ground.