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Parsminy Karte

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Image:Scroll2.png "One tiny Yst homunculi is equivalent to fifteen Filr and ninety Vrig, where a Filr is a hundred Kacs and a Vrig is five hundred Hils and fifty Sogs. [...] is ten thousand eighty four female humans, three hundred forty four eagles, one hundred seventy nine serpents, and sixty lions times ninety nine."
- Karte's answer when someone inquired on the price of his Yst homunculi.
Parsminy Karte

Parsminy Karte, or Karte, as he is more popularly called, arrived in Sahova even before it was completed. He was already Nuit then, with a firm dedication to the value of logic, science, and mathematics. He had been described as conscientious, accepts instructions from those with higher stature stolidly. He showed an immense interest in the craft of Alchemy, and he bore the mark of the serpent eating its own tail - a symbol of eternity to some, a symbol of destruction to others - as a big tattoo between his shoulder blades.


Very little is known of Parsminy Karte's origins. his true age, former nationality, and other basic background details have never been mentioned. He is a Nuit surrounded in secrets, known for his serenity and calm, a character trait more often described as emotionless or icy.

There were many unsettling issues with Karte's involvement in Project Sahova. One of these is his rather primitive method of performing Alchemy. The name "Parsminy Karte" never showed up in any official record of the Alahean empire, thus his existence was never accounted for, pointing doubts that he may have been a spy sent by the Suvan empire. Furthering this suspicion was his association with former Court Mage Rupert Pycon, who was known for betraying Emperor Kovinus. However, with the passing of time, nobody cared about these prejudices anymore. He joined Batch 1 of Project Sahova, under Sagallius' behest - the only one not to undergo Mashaen's Daek-nuit ritual, and therefore the only one who survived "with his wits about him".

Character Description

Karte is a scholar devoted to magical research. Being the oldest Sahovan Nuit, some resident wizards seek his advice on unproven theories and dangerous hypothesis. Most of his apprentices are more interested in his unrivaled abilities in Shielding Djed than his matchless Alchemy magic.

His vast knowledge of Alchemy and Homunculi makes him an invaluable resident of the Citadel, and to this day he survives, even if he had been accused by Lector Qiao of being involved with Drainira's betrayal. His ambivalence puts him in the dead center of things, as if he always stands on neutral ground.

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