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Yes, it burns.

Phoenix is one of the more special Storytellers of Mizahar. In what ways she is special is.... in the eye of the beholder. After settling down and building a nest of her own in Wind Reach (Ironic, since the place is infested with giant, whiney, spoiled eagles), Phoenix shares her beloved abode with her Mommy and Daddy DS's, Gossamer and Dreamcatcher, along with little sister Flicker to make one, big, happy family. But tread carefully, for as happy-go-lucky as she may seem...well, she is a big, huge bird of fire.


The Phoenix has long been representative of rebirth, immortality, renewal, and is frequently refereed to as the bird of life. Most commonly portrayed as an eagle/heroin/peacock type bird of bright, flamey colors (read, orange, yellow and gold.)

For billions and millions of trillions of years, the Phoenix has been represented in almost every culture possible. Luckily for the Phoenix, who adored being the center of attention, there were plenty of people to pay it attention over the years. Way back when Egypt was the place to be, the Phoenix was thought to rise up every morning and lead the sun into the sky, showing it how to shine brilliantly.

Others say that the Phoenix was actually a Bennu heroin, who burst forth from some poor guys chest, built a nest on some cinnamon sticks (they do smell delicious), somehow got lit on fire and burned to death. Historians are still trying to figure out why the bird didn't leave the nest. Must have been the cinnamon. Up from the ashes rose a Zombie Bennu!-Ahem- the Phoenix. Some cultures picture the Phoenix as a peacock, with magnificent flaming tail feathers, or an eagle who is surrounded by fire but unharmed.

Birthed from flame and arisen from ashes, the Phoenix is said to live from five hundred to one thousand years. Towards the end of it's life cycle, the bird builds a nest and settles down to burst into flame (much like its Bannu ancestor). From the ashes, of course, a baby Phoenix is born. This new Phoenix is said to live the same lifespan as it's former self, as is only perfectly logical.

The Phoenix has a cry that is beautiful to all that hear it, bringing most to tears. Speaking of tears, in only the best book ever written about a boy with an unfortunately placed scar, the Phoenix's tears are said to have healing powers, and can heal any wound. But these tears are only given sparingly, and probably only to the unfortunately scarred boy. He can't die in book two, 'cause there are five more to go.

Vital Statistics

  • Age: Older than King Tut
  • Sex: Female
  • Status: Can't hold down a relationship. It ends up in flames. >.<
  • Nationality: Avian
  • Location: Hogwarts
  • Likes: Puppies, Flying, Horses, People with red hair, or People wearing red, Wind Reach, Anyone who tattoos me on their body
  • Dislikes: Water, Fire Extinguishers, Snakes and Spiders.