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Price list (Living Expense)

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Living Expense

Just as one earns a number of mizas from an occupation or through adventuring, it also costs mizas to support their lifestyle, whatever that may be. While anyone can spend their lives in taverns and inns; many do, there are many more who choose other ways of living. Everyone, even the poorest of wretches, must somehow support their lifestyle. Below is a listing of the average cost of living for different lifestyles. The listing takes into account general maintenance (health, home, clothing), shelter, food and drink.

Pricing is listed in gold mizas per season (gm/s) and broken down further for reference into gold mizas per day (gm/day).

Important Note: You DON'T have to pay for living expenses in seasons you have ZERO threads in/inactive.

Item Price Item Price Item Price
Squalor The lowest form of civilized (barely) living. Includes sleeping on the streets or in the wild with little more than a overhang or tree for cover. Clothing is sack-cloth at best; usually in disrepair. Washing oneself consists of bathing in a stream or street puddle which is where drinking water would also be found. Food is either gathered, such as berries in the wild, eating garbage in a city or possible through begging or stealing. What cost is incurred from this lifestyle includes the occasional coppers one may get from begging or stealing in order to buy a bit of bred or a hunk of cheese or even the occasional sackcloth shirt or pants. 5 gm/s (.05 gm/day) Poor A common lifestyle found in Mizahar, the poor are overall, much better off than those living in squalor. This form of living includes sleeping in a tent either in or on the outskirts of a city or somewhere in the wilds. It may also include renting the occasional low-end room at an inn. Bathing oneself is often done either in streams and lakes in the wilds or via occasional visits to a bathhouse. Health is still not that great but better than those in squalor. Clothing is somewhat better than that found in squalor with sackcloth, cotton or linen being most common along with fur. Food and drink is usually found in taverns or inns along with a bit of begging and/or stealing. 45 gm/s (.5 gm/day) Common This form of living is one enjoyed by those possessing some form of relatively steady income. Often one owns their own home even if it is a simple one or involves somewhat regular visits to decent inns. Even those who live in a carriage or coach may fall into this lifestyle. Health is pretty good; mainly due to better food and overall living conditions. Clothing varies from linens and cotton to the occasional bit of silk and finer materials. Food and drink are purchased with mizas either from taverns and inns or from merchants operating food stalls or stores and can even come from skilled hunting and gathering in the wilds when necessary. Growing one's own food is also common. Bathing oneself is usually done in the home or through regular visits to a bathhouse. If in the wild, clean lakes or rivers may also be considered. 135 gm/s (1.5 gm/day)
Good This lifestyle is one envied by many. Those of some wealth enjoy this way of life; well-to-do merchants, successful adventurers, treasure-hunters or anyone else possessing higher than average income. One almost always owns their own home or spends a lot of time in good quality inns. Food and drink are of high quality, clean with a varied diet and are either purchased, grown, or otherwise acquired from good quality venders. Clothing is usually silk, velvet or fine linens and may include rare and exotic furs and hides. Health is very good and includes access and use of healers and medicines. Bathing takes place in one's own home or in some of the finer bathhouses. 450 gm/s (5 gm/day) Exquisite This is the lifestyle that most can ever hope to attain. It is the life lived by powerful merchants, racial nobility, politicians or great military leaders. One always owns their own, rather large, home and hardly ever requires use of an inn; they have fancy coaches and massive pavilion tents for that when traveling or find themselves guests of the wealthy and influential. Health is the finest with healers and medicines immediately available. Food and drink are of the finest quality and diets include rare and exotic delicacies. Clothing is nothing short of exquisite quality with some of the most expensive and rarest materials being quite common. Bathing is an amazing experience including the finest soaps and often someone else to assist in the process. 675 gm/s (7.5 gm/day)

Special Note: The listed costs per season for the different lifestyles assumes that a character has already purchased the type of items mentioned in each one and/or possesses the necessary status to be in that specific style. For example, if one wants to pay for an exquisite lifestyle each season, they first need to purchase a large, expansive home of some sort, make the initial purchase of the exquisite clothing and have attained the status of a powerful merchant, some form of what one would consider nobility, or be named a high ranking, highly skilled military leader. Most characters will start out at most, either poor (no source of steady income) or Common (having some type of occupation or other form of income). Depending on character concept and overall creation, one may even start out in squalor.

Lifestyles can be increased over time with sufficient in-thread effort thus bringing about greater resources which in turn allow for an increase in the quality of life.

Special circumstances may apply that transcend the above cost of living expenses. This may include things gained in-thread that would affect cost of living either positively or negatively such as being granted free lodging or in the case of Nuit who do not need worry about general health. When such special circumstances are applicable, mention should be made in one's character sheet regarding it.