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Price list (Religious gear)

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Legend: gm = gold Miza, sm = silver Miza, cm = copper Miza

1 gold Miza = 10 silver Miza = 100 copper Miza

Religious Gear

Item Price Item Price Item Price
Altar Shroud Often inscribed with religious symbols of protection and warding, the shroud helps protect an altar from unwanted attention. 50 gm Back Travois Enables one to more easily carry their fallen comrades out of hazardous areas so they can receive treatment in a more hospitable location. Consists of a sturdy leather harness and a set of jointed wooden poles. The harness and poles connect together to form a simple triangle of wood and leather. 100 gm Banner Baring symbols of one's faith or religious order, this banner can be used to help inspire hope and purity or fear and darkness depending on the symbols. 350 gm
Bell Used to signal the beginning or ending of a hymn or other ceremony, large bells (or any other ringing instrument, such as gongs or cymbals) serve as a crucial focus in directing the energy of the congregation. 100 gm Besom A ceremonial broom, the besom is used to sweep negativity and lingering traces of energy out of a sacred space, cleansing it for a coming ceremony. 1 gm Blessed Food (Per Meal) Many rituals and ceremonies require the participants to share in a meal. Largely symbolic, these meals mark an important point in religious services, often calling down the blessings of the divine upon those who partake of this specially prepared and blessed food. 1 gm
Candle Snuffer 7 sm Candlemaking Kit Provides all the wicks, tallow or wax and other accessories needed to produce 500 hours worth of candles before needing to be replaced. 20 gm Chalice 100 gm
Clerical Vestments Ecclesiastical clothes for performing priestly functions. 5 gm Crystals These semiprecious gemstones, usually clear or pale-coloured, are sometimes used to mark ritual boundaries. 1 gm Diadem A blessed headpiece, coronet or tiara that incorporates a holy symbol into its construction. 250 gm
Divine Symbol Flask This flask acts as a holy symbol as well as a receptacle for one pint of holy water. A cap on the top can be dislodged with a flick of the thumb, allowing the cleric to scatter the contents across the area in front of him. 50 gm Drum, Ceremonial 50 gm Estuary Case A specially designed carrying case made of blessed woods, as little metal as possible and form-fitted to hold items of religious significance. An entire set of candlesticks, implements, statuary and other vital religious paraphernalia can be held in an estuary case safely. 120 gm
Field Healer’s Kit The field kit is a small box with the absolute minimum equipment necessary for five applications. Includes bandages, small splint, salve, scalpel and a few doses of common poison antidote. 55 gm Font, Great (Per 10x10 ft. section) In a shrine or temple, a font is a sacred fountain or pool that holds blessed water. During religious ceremonies the water is often used to douse items, or the faithful, in the hopes of washing away impurities. A great font measures at least 10-feet by 10-feet and is usually deep enough to bathe in. 1,500 gm Font, Portable Rarely larger than a soup tureen, portable fonts offer the ceremonial benefits of a font for small shrines and private gatherings. 150 gm
Graveyard Soil Preferably taken from the root of a tree growing in a graveyard, this dark soil is burned as a type of incense during dark rites and, conversely, during ceremonies believed to ward off the undead. 3 gm Headgear, Ritual This catchall category covers all manner of headgear, from antlered crowns to swan-feather veils. Ritual headgear normally symbolizes the wearer becoming the creature depicted by the item. 50 gm Healer’s Kit This kit is full of herbs, salves, bandages and other useful materials. 50 gm
Holy Symbol, Bronze 15 gm Holy Symbol, Copper 5 gm Holy Symbol, Gold 50 gm
Holy Symbol, Silver 25 gm Holy Symbol, Wooden 1 gm Holy Texts (copies) 40 gm
Holy Water (1-Pint Flask) Blessed by priests, this water is often used in religious ceremonies. 25 gm Horn Typically taken from a bull, the horn is used in a manner similar to the chalice, as a tool to hold liquid offerings to a deity and for divine communions. 20 gm Icon, Huge 1,600 gm
Icon, Large 800 gm Icon, Medium-size 400 gm Icon, Small 200 gm
Icon, Tiny 100 gm Kneeling Bar These small, square bars are usually carried by priests on extended trips away from their temples. Used to connect a worshiper to the energies of his deity, prayer while on a kneeling bar is metaphysically considered the same as being in one’s homeland. 30 gm Offering Bowl Decorated with religious symbols, offering bowls serve a vital function during ceremonies by providing a receptacle for gifts made directly to the deity itself. 40 gm
Pendulum An ornate weight depending from a length of chain or rope, the pendulum is most often fastened to the ceiling of the sanctuary. During the hymn, a cleric sets the pendulum swinging as a way to help the congregation enter a meditative or trance state. 100 gm Pennant these small and commonly triangular pieces of cloth tie near the point of a lance to identify the warrior more specifically than does a banner. 200 gm Pipe 5 gm
Pipe Organ 1,900 gm Portable Altar A heavy, polished, wood case, properly sanctified by the cleric’s religion. Carefully engraved with the symbols and imagery of the church, the heavy lid opens to reveal a silk-lined compartment designed to contain a large amount of religious paraphernalia. 160 gm Prayer Beads 50 gm
Prayer Book 100 gm Prayer Rug 80 gm Preservative Fluid (1-Pint Flask) This alchemical concoction is useful for preserving organic tissue for long periods of time. A pint of the fluid can be used to preserve a pound of material for a year, after which it will be necessary to drain the preservative fluid and replace it with a fresh solution. 30 gm
Sacred Cords (1 ft.) A physical representation of energy lines, ritual cords are tied around objects, people or places to ritualistically ‘bind’ them, holding in all of their spiritual power. 1 sm Sprinkler, Holy Water 20 gm Thurible Also known as a censer, this is a metal vessel designed for the ceremonial burning of incense. The thurible is suspended on long chains, which are used to gently swing the vessel from side to side, dispersing the fragrant smoke of burning incense throughout the temple. 25 gm
Tingshas These small cymbals are used by assistant clerics to signal the beginning and ending of different sections of a hymn. Tingshas are also used to enforce the timing of chanting during hymns. 60 gm Tower Bells (Per Bell) These massive bells must be cold cast, hand-hammered and hung in a tower for proper effect, a process that can take weeks of painstaking work. To be considered for hanging over a temple, a priest must oversee the entire process. 2,000 gm Vase 40 gm
Wine, Ritual (Per Bottle) 15 gm