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Image:Scroll2.png "If you cannot see the sparkle of hope in the darkness, it means it is already there in your soul."
- Weliardina Allon, First Light of the Order of Radiance

TitleBeacon of Hope
DomainRadiance, hope, vigilance
Divine rank3
CultsThe Order of Radiance, (add more)

Priskil is an ancient goddess of radiance and lover of Aquiras, god of doors and travel. Once nearly forgotten, Priskil has returned to prominence with the Valterrian, when Aquiras' Heart was stolen by Sagallius Hrinn, making the god fall into a coma. Priskil watches over her lover's fallen form and waits for his Heart to be returned, never losing hope. Because of this, she has acquired the new and stronger domains of hope and vigilance. She powers the Watchstones at the top of each Watchtower, making them flare with sadness and hope at the start of every new season.



Priskil appears to be a fair woman, one who has known great pain but still stands unbowed. She is clad in white robes and radiates a warm glow, true to her original godly domain. Her tone is calm and often melancholy, avoiding all excessive displays of emotion. Quiet, modest dignity is apparent in her actions, and she will never willingly try to overwhelm her audience with awe. More often than not, she will try to put herself on the same level as her listeners, and when she needs to reveal herself as a goddess, she will do so discreetly.

Unlike many other gods, Priskil has fully mastered words like "please" and "thank you" and there will be no signs of superiority in her attitude towards mortals, though her steely resolve will shine through.


For many millennia, Priskil was, above everything, more of a happy woman than a goddess. Content with the company of her lover Aquiras, she had no interest in the power struggles among the gods. While other deities bought the favor of man with powerful gifts, she and Aquiras helped them for free in their early days. Aquiras enchanted the Watchtower system with instant travel, and Priskil's light flared in the night, keeping monsters at bay. In time, men developed different needs, and other gods were quick to fulfill them. Priskil and Aquiras mostly faded out of memory, and they were fine with it. They knew their love was a commodity that no amount of power or worship could replace.

When Aquiras fell to a single mortal wizard, Priskil was devastated. Her world came crashing on her, yet her hidden strength revealed itself. She dragged his body into a corner of the crumbling astral gateways Aquiras himself had created for use with the Watchtowers. She protected him through the dangerous Valterrian, the delicate flower of radiance hardening into a formidable sentinel.

Priskil is a woman who knows love, and can sympathize with others. She keeps believing in the world and those who live in it. She is no longer naive and is fully aware of how much evil and darkness fill the hearts of people and gods alike, but she believes that there is always another way, something else to try, and she will not give up.

Her being more of a woman than a goddess is both Priskil's greatest strength and chief weakness. She demands nothing of her followers, who are almost always incredibly devoted, but also lacks the mindset of a truly competitive deity. She often hesitates to ask mortals for services, not wishing to cause them pain for her sake. She feels that gods and mortals should live in harmony, and neither should be a burden on the other. This feeling, while noble, does little to help in her fight against the intelligent, manipulative Sagallius - whose death is the only thing that might save Aquiras.


Cults of Priskil have been popular since the Valterrian because of the voluntary nature of the goddess' worship. Priskil has become the very symbol of hope, and her pain flaring from the Watchtowers is the pain of the whole continent, wounded by destructive forces. In a way, Priskil is now more powerful than ever before, though it is not power she desired.

Priskil spends much of her time by Aquiras' side, and only has limited time to visit her followers, though she does whenever possible. She is fond of meeting those in need of hope and offering them words of encouragement without them even recognizing her.


Priskil will sometimes give out Gnosis marks compatible with her personality and domains. The power she transmits will not split mountains or destroy one's enemies, but it will provide the hope one needs to go on in the face of adversity. Impossible odds will often become improbable odds with her intervention, and the marvels of mortal willpower and resolve will usually do the rest.

Priskil's Gnosis mark is Luminance.