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Queen Dimourla

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Queen Dimourla

The Queen In Her Youth
Date of birth472 AV (aged 51)
Place of birthAhnatep
TitleDisgraced Queen of Ahnatep

Unseen in over 15 eras, Queen Dimourla represents an unsettling piece of unfinished business in the power structure of Ahnatep.


Contrary to the report of the other Houses of the Four Winds, who claim Dimourla was groomed to be a royal bride from birth, as a child, Dimourla was viewed as a disappointment. She lacked the fairness of face and grace of manner that was a trademark of women of the House.

Most of Dimourla’s early education was geared towards teaching her to overcome the devastating shortcoming of being rather awkwardly put together. Her mother Subirah, a daughter of the house, was up to the task, for she had secured Scepter Yafeu as a husband more through poise and charm than paints and perfumes.

It wasn’t until Dimourla approached her fourteenth year did she begin to show any potential. By the time she was fifteen, mere potential had given way to a remarkable and unique beauty.

The House of the West Winds had been pinning their hopes for glory on a royal marriage for eras, but they had been grooming Osale, Dimourla’s cousin for the task. Realizing Dimourla was quickly surpassing her pretty cousin, all the house’s effort was rapidly turned towards making Dimourla an irresistible candidate for the crown.

Shortly after her twenty-first birthday, Dimourla was ushered into the social circles of Pressor Teremun. As hoped, she was bewitching and no man, not even the Pressor could withstand the full power of her allure. Some even report that she frequently, but politely declined the Pressor's invitations.

While the common people were in uproar over her ascent to a position promised to one of their daughters, those who had witnessed her magnetism could not fully blame the Pressor for betraying his promise.

As Queen, Dimourla reveled in her victory. The overlooked pebble had become the diamond of her house, bringing them to the highest pinnacle in Ahnatep. When she became pregnant, her position was fixed, or so everyone thought.

In the midst of her pregnancy, Pressor Teremun died. The circumstances were mysterious and the people and nobles began to suspect Dimourla of foul play. As the accusations reached a dangerous level, the pregnant Dimourla vanished from Ahnatep.

Both her and her child have not been seen since and are believed to have died at the hands of a noble house's assassins.