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Date of birth248 BV (aged 771)
Place of birthAlahea

Rayage is a Nuit Alchemist born in Alahea, he fancies himself one of the Archaeowizards as he quests to reclaim the glory of the old days and the forbidden power of the Lost disciplines. It was through magic that this world was great, magic made it shine, and Ray is bent on seeing that recovered. His ultimate purpose isnt to dig up the past, but to change the future in his image. He wants to play a vital role in the restoration of humanity and be someone of great influence and power. Though he will play his role well, this nuit will stop at nothing to see his own goals accomplished.


Physical description

This nuit has acquired a body of a rather young human male which was rather fit and in great shape. He could have been a brawler or some sort of street fighter. Ray doesn't care, but he certainty admires how well kept the body was. Having just switched into the body it hasn't had much time to decay, but is still showing signs of unlife. Skin still deathly white and cold to the touch, black bags under the eyes, black tongue, and all the regular stuff. Once he is able to move in the body and has enough strength he will shave the body of its head of hair making him/her bald. Usually tries to take a male body but has no concept of gender. He just finds bald males are more acceptable than females.

What makes this nuit really stand out is the myriad of colors that surrounds him. He is dressed in a green shirt with yellow sleeves, and brown trousers. Covering his hands are black gloves and over his neck is what once was a black and purple striped scarf. Over all of that is a mostly black cloak. All of the clothes that he wears are patched up with fabric and string of different colors, shapes, and sizes. Some patches small, others larger, but the clothes of the nuit seem to have a undeniable charm and seem very comfortable, if not old. His cloak, by the many patches sewn onto it, looks thick, and in some places patches overlap each other. His overall appearance looks disheveled and chaotic, but seems to fit him.

Character Concept

First and foremost an Alchemist Rayage prides himself in his understanding of the art. He is an undead with many agendas, and despite his long life, he hasnt grown bored with his existence quite yet. In fact, when trying to change the world how could one be bored?


Spires- Spring 100 AV to Winter 299 AV

To be Roleplayed

Ravok- Winter, 300 AV to Winter, 400 AV

To be Written

Zeltiva- Spring, 401 AV to Summer, 448 AV

To be Written

Lhavit- Summer, 451 AV to Spring, 570 AV

To be Role Played

Alvadas- Fall, 471 AV to Spring, 491 AV

To be Role Played

Riverfall- Spring, 492 AV to Winter, 500 AV

To be Role Played

Syliras- Spring, 501 AV to Fall, 501 AV

To be Role Played

Ravok- Winter, 501 AV to ???

To be Role Played

Sunberth- ??? to ???

To be Figured Out

Sahova- Winter, 510 AV to Winter, 511 AV

To be Written

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