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Shiber is the tongue of Benshira Humans, a desert dwelling race in Eyktol, found primarily in Wadrass. The written form of Shiber is fully developed with an alphabet system as opposed to pictographic.





Shiber is a somewhat slurred sounding language with an innate rhythm. Outsiders note the common use of the "Sh", "Ah", "El" and "Y" sound. Consonants are often paired for unique almost glottal sounds. While the language seems rushed when spoken, it has a startling beauty and liveliness when sung.



  • a/ah - When affixed to a word ending it makes the word "of", when before a word it makes the personal possessive
  • Abarr - Father
  • Acham - Brother
  • Ben - Son
  • Chag - Locust
  • Eba - City
  • Emed - Sword, ALSO Truth
  • Falim - Hello
  • Hak - Little
  • Hem - House or dwelling
  • Hik - Spit, a common swear
  • Javeya - Beautiful
  • Kiban - Scapegoat or sacrifice, in legal terms one who takes the punishment of another
  • Mahim - Goodbye
  • Maskam - A title of respect, usually referring to a learned person
  • Masha - the Weaving, also a term for the high counsel of Wadrass or, more generally, the nightly gathering of family
  • Rakva - a non-Benshira, somewhat derogatory
  • Rapa - holy teacher
  • Shir - Faith
  • Tsipor - Bird
  • Yah - god, referring to Yahal