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Warmth and Light In Your Heart
TitleThe Summer King
DomainSummer, Celebrations, Vacation, Excesses
Divine rank3
Worshipped inThroughout Mizahar

Sivah is the ultimate god in terms of celebrations, parties, vacations and excesses. He holds domain over the season of Summer and makes no excuse about his footloose and fancy free attitude on life. Sivah embraces life's capriciousness. Unlike other seasonal Gods and Goddesses, Sivah does not stay home for He has no true home. Instead, He will be at every single party everywhere in one form or another. He lives for leisure activity and has an attitude to match. Many an Alvina has been born of his frivolous approach (the most famous of course is the Alvina of Wine, Deddra) to all things in life, even sex. Sivah's favorite activities are masquerades because he then finds it easier to conceal is true identity. No matter how dull a party is, when Sivah explodes onto the scene, it automatically ramps the party up several notches. People start dancing, drink flows more readily, the conversation turns interesting. Unknowingly folks are drawn to gatherings where Sivah manifests whether it be a simple teatime celebration or a childs birthday party.

Sivah rarely alters his appearance. He manifests in the form of a twenty to twenty five year hold human who almost always is shirtless and dressed in long flowing pants that are gathered at the ankles. Sivah prefers armbands on both arms and these bands often depict spirals. When Sivah is around, people tend to loose their caution and inhibitions, making things really interesting especially in big groups. Even complete strangers warm up to each other, often becoming lifelong friends after bonding at one of Sivah's fetes. Sivah himself has an infectious personality at any and all events he attends, often endearing them to him. He has no qualms about joining in the singing and dancing or even making use of willing and enthusiastic partners in the pleasures of the flesh which are sometimes found at these gatherings.

When people need a break from life they also usually pray to Sivah to give them a vacation. All tourism destination and places of respite like spas often honor Sivah by displaying hiss spiral symbol on stationary or sign. Sivah seems to always know what people need when they need it to keep them going and functioning on a higher level. And for all his frivolousness and his sometimes lackadaisical attitude, Sivah plays a serious role in Mizahar.



Sivah's Appearances
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