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Slug Heart

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Slug Heart
Falyndar Flora


Slug Heart, named for its small size, comes in various colors. Some colors are more rare than the others: blush (common), white (uncommon), blue (uncommon), and blood (rare). As they bloom, they produce a droplet of sticky syrup containing a seed. If not collected within a day or two of formation, this syrup will harden to form a hard casing around the seed. As the flowering plant withers, the seeds will fall and grow into new plants. Sometimes, areas are still sticky, allowing the droplet to adhere to animal fur and scales. This causes an increased dispersal of the seeds around the wilds of Falyndar. The seed needs to be near a pool of water for the syrup to be soaked off, otherwise it will remain dormant.


The slug hearts are found close to fresh water pools in the Wilds of Falyndar. These plants cannot grow in salt water, and are generally found somewhat inland in the hard of the region. The plant does not require a lot of soil to grow, but it does require a rocky surface as a stabilizer. Nutrients in animal and water run-off provide all the plant needs to thrive, along with sunlight provided from the clearing of the pools.


The syrup is an excellent binding agent for closing small wounds. If made into a salve, the salve will generally stick a little better and may not need to be covered by a dressing. It is believed the syrup has some healing properties, but it is minimal at best. The seeds can be found up and used as a spice. Many who use it say it gives a "fire" to the dish. Since the seed is very strong as a spice, not very much is needed to flavor a dish. Using too much may make the person very ill and have a burning sensation through the body. They will slow down and get "sluggish" until the body purges the spice or the person seeks cleansing. The petals can be used for tea and the leaves are used in salves to enhance healing properties.