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Date of birth494 AV (aged 29)
Place of birthKalinor
TitleThe Second Moth Queen

Soraya Orchid is a dancer in Kalinor and the second Moth Queen of 512 AV.


Soraya Orchid is the niece of Enella Orchid, the advisor of the ruling couple. Due to her Web’s important position in Kalinor, she’s never lacked anything in her life. A dancer of mediocre talent with few other skills, she has managed to become somebody important in Kalinor with bribes and lies. When it was time to choose a new Moth Queen in the summer of 512 AV, Soraya decided that she was best suited for the position, no matter what the ruling couple or anybody else said, dressed herself in an elegant gown, gathered her friends and marched into the Gathering Hall to crown herself. The real Moth Queen, Nissabella Rose, intervened for her sake, even though they were rivals, and asked Nessora Hyacinth, the female half of the ruling couple, to make them both Moth Queens. Unfortunately that act of kindness has done little to improve Soraya’s behaviour.

Appearance and Personality

Soraya is a very pretty young woman with large golden eyes under long, dark lashes, pitch black hair that falls over her shoulders in shimmering waves and full lips. She doesn’t hesitate to use her good looks to her advantage. Soraya is vain, arrogant, extremely self confidient, frequently lies and flirts with all the men in her vicinity, even if they belong to other women. Unfortunately she isn’t particularly intelligent. She doesn’t know anything about the world above Kalinor and will often say something ridiculous. She also overestimates her own abilities and thinks she is talented beyond measure. On top of that she isn’t faithful and will quickly abandon whatever man she is with if somebody better looking and richer comes along.