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Sun's Refuge

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Having been literally ousted from their home within the Gated Community, the Sun's Birth have been forced to take up residence within their final sliver of territory. This small congregation of structures is the organization's last foothold within the city of Sunberth; and is poised to be the starting point of an ambitious attempt at returning to power. As a whole, the territory itself has become known as the "Sun's Refuge"; for what better words could be used to describe the Sun's Birth's last sanctuary?


In terms of general aesthetic, the Sun's Refuge is a pleasant quarter of Sunberth, an idyllic neighbourhood kept safe from the city's violent chaos. Large two or three storey wood buildings can be found on every corner, the streets paved and regularly cleaned of debris. Whilst lacking any surrounding walls, the Sun's Birth has seen fit to encircle their sanctuary with a regular patrol of some of the organization's finest men. What's more, the presence of archers and scouts perpetually dot the highest places of the Sun's Refuge; poised to give an early warning should any intruders attempt to enter. Consisting of only a handful of structures, each individual building exists under the personal supervision of one of the organization's elite members.

As a whole, traffic in and out of the Sun's Refuge is limited to those who are affiliated with the organization. All other riffraff is halted at the perimeter and intentions are demanded at blade point. Through announcing the desire to join the illustrious ranks of the Sun's Birth, an individual will be taken to the Proving Grounds to see their worth tested...

Informative Threads

Information threads
The Sun's RefugeThe Sun's Refuge location thread with a list of locations of interest within the territory and how to join the Sun's Birth.