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In Mizahar, swears and oaths are regional, cultural or universal. The following is a growing list of swears with their rough definition and history organized by region.


Universal/ Common Tongue Swears

  • Shyke - a general exclamation, human in origin, literally offal.
  • Petch - a general exclamation or transitive verb, derived from the Ancient Tongue, literally copulate, but has taken on abusive overtones.
  • Vagik - noun, infers a person with especially foul hygiene.
  • Insect - A deragatory term for Eypharians outside of Ahnatep, especially those with six arms.

Akvatar Swears


Akalak Swears

  • Venhrehk - Flawed or unskilled. Directed at either those with little competence, and those with birth defects or mental deficiencies.
  • Cerulest - One without discipline or control, an insult derived from the Akalak group "the Cerulean".
  • Jakri - Literally translates to "Zith shyke". Generally milder
  • Helioc - An insult pertaining to one's impotency and general uselessness to the race.

Eyktoli Swears


  • Benachag - an insult, son of locusts.
  • Hik - an exclamation, spit. Spitting is a waste of precious water, so this is commonly used when disappointed or faced with unnecessary loss.
  • Rakva - a milder insult, a non-Benshira.


  • Awahtoklo- greedy filth; literally "he who leaves none for the crows".
  • Chopre he randi: A curse said to someone who is being stubborn; literally "you live within stone walls".


  • Allahini sikeyim- "back-stabber", denotes more that one is bad enough at it to be caught. More an insult to intelligence than morality.
  • Azmashe - a term for the dirt that accrues at the bottom of one's sandal. Used to cruelly belittle someone.
  • Chupra - one that has relations with goats, commonly used in reference to Benshira. Pronounced "Kew-pbrah".
  • Foysha: literally "peasant", one of low rank and breeding.
  • Khur-va - a nasty, mean woman. Literally fang in crotch.

Falyndar Swears


  • Skurak- an insult or exclamation depending on the context, literally means "snake vomit".
  • Deyhan- an insult that varies in severity according to context. Literally means "outsider". Commonly applied to non-Myrians or ineffective Myrians. The latter use is highly offensive.
  • Madini- "Bad shot", more tease than insult.
  • Kotakbil- a loaded insult to one's intelligence or prowess. One who makes too much noise in the jungle; literally "heavy footed".
  • G'iib-tah- Literal: slang word for 'fruit'. Figurative: vulgar term for the sensitive part of a male's anatomy.
  • Chukumu yala- Lazy person; literally "burden of the tribe".
  • Sha'lokk- "he/she who fights like a foreigner/outsider/deyhan". A grave insult to a Myrian's pride and clan, and thus never used lightly.
  • Ma'khan'um- an open challenge/insult, sometimes accompanied by a downward chopping motion with the hand, as if cleaving someone's skull open. Due to Myri's mandate that no Myrian should hurt or kill another, it gains an irreverent tone when used against a fellow Myrian. Literally means, "Eat me" or "Eat my..." if the accompanying hand gesture is tapped against a specific body part (usually somewhere obscene).


  • Shashassen- Extremely insulting, reserved for those who are more wicked and foul than stupid. Literally "she who abandons her children"
  • Serxesnas- Someone who turns on their nest; literally "fang in the dark".

Kalea Swears


  • Azo - an insulting term for non-Symenestra, literally meat.
  • Caetszo - a verb/insult; to go get impregnated by a Sym. Implies force and the grisly consequences thereof.
  • Lo Mene Virsas - an oath or promise, Symenestran in origin, by my brother.
  • Zlynge - an exclamation, Symenestran in origin, literally a bad decision.


  • Clipped - an insult meaning that someone is lame, pathetic or incapable. Derived from the term for a bird having it's wings clipped, unable to fly.
  • Dek licker - An insult saying that someone is dirty, disgusting, or just used as a general derogative. Stems from the unpleasant act of licking a member of the dek caste, who are usually very dirty.
  • Chick - An endearment for young Inarta not yet placed in their caste that doubles as an insult to adults and youth. Depending on the caste, the insult can go from a tease to a grave insult.
  • Nest - Literally meaning home. It can also be used in the context "to throw somebody out of the window" in which window would be replaced with nest.
  • Cuckoo - An insult, drawing its name from the cuckoo bird that is laid in another bird's nest and either rolls the original eggs out or takes all the food from them. Where a dek licker is implied to be without sense and stupid a cuckoo is implied to be both malicious and foreign. It takes its roots in the caste system of Wind Reach, implying A: you have risen above your caste to a place you should not be and B: You have compromised the nest for your own selfishness in doing so. People have killed for less than being called a cuckoo.
  • Krric Troo - A Nari phrase which means "Blunt Claw", it is commonly used to refer to someone who is dim witted, like the blunt claw of an eagle.
  • Chuhn kariil - A phrase of both endearment and insult, it translates to "Glossy Crest". In compliment, it is to another who looks lovely. In insult, the phrase can mean the individual is being too vain.

Konti Swears

Syliran Swears

Ravokian Swears

  • Sylirist - can mean literally someone who follows Sylir, but also is sometimes used as an insult.

Taldera Swears

Kenash Swears

  • Asskara - Derogatory term for an Askara.
  • Shykai - Derogatory term for a Sitai.
  • Kontrash - Derogatory term for a Konrath.
  • Flackina - Derogatory term for an Ackina.
  • Lyntick - Derogatory term for a Lynint.
  • Lucy - Derogatory term for one born outside of a Dynasty.
  • Kara - Hole.
  • Dandy - General derogatory term for a Dynasty member.
  • Bootlicker - Another derogatory term for a Dynasty member.
  • Midget - An unaccomplished Freeborn. Generally used in conjunction with Lucy, but not always so.


  • Tikita - an insult saved for those who are not natives of Taldera, literally warmblood.