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Sweet Reeds

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Sweet Reeds


Sweet Reeds are a common underwater plant grown both domestically in Charbosi and Rainbow Shell, Alvadas and wildly. These thirty foot reeds are the product of tiny seeds housed inside the hollow reed. When broken open Sweet Reeds have a thick, white, syrupy substance held inside. Within the syrup are tiny seeds that, before being domesticated, traveled through the body of whatever ingested it and came out the other side falling into the sandy sea floor and beginnings its life. Now that they are domesticated the farmer in charge, after harvesting, takes a section of each plant and buries the substance in the sand to plant the seeds. Sweet Reeds take a full year to grow into maturity. It takes quite a while before the seeds begin to sprout and push through the sand. The plant starts out thin and as it grows throughout the year thickens until it is about three inches in diameter. The plant takes on a bamboo look of a tan or yellow and, in the wild, grows in dense forests. Early in its life the plant will grow dull blue leafs that seem to have no purpose before falling off the plant as it continues its life. These leafs are only available during the first two seasons of its growth. About four or five leafs will grow at the base of the stem during the first two seasons. They are ripe for picking when they become six inches in diameter and are a deep hue of blue, almost black. The Sweets Reeds can be planted any time of the year and harvested anytime a year later.


Sweet Reeds main use is for a sweet snack. Charodae children like sucking on the rod and getting to taste the sweet substance inside. The syrup taste like melted sugar on your tongue and is loved by the Charodae race as a whole. The second use of the Sweet Reeds are the hollow shell after the syrup has been removed. Seahorses like to munch on the shell of the Sweet Reed and the consider it a treat, like a normal horse would a carrot. The third and final use of the Sweet Reed are its leafs that are only available during its first two seasons. These blue leafs are picked then ground up, when crushed they emit a thick liquid which mixes with the crushed leaf and create a thick, very sticky substance used as a glue. It is effective underwater, thus being a good choice for the Charodae.