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Sylira is a region of Mizahar, most of which was formerly part of Alahea. It is the most populous region in Mizahar, and, with the exception of Sunberth, the most civilized. In some ways, it is also the safest region to travel through - though safety is often a fleeting concept in Mizahar.

Geography and Climate

Sylira occupies roughly the eastern quarter of the continent of Mizahar. It borders Taldera on the northwest and Cyphrus on the southwest; Konti lies off its eastern shore and Darva off its southern.

The climate is generally temperate, with four distinct seasons. This grades into a subarctic climate in the extreme north, and a monsoonal climate in the extreme south. Sylira has the most arable land of any region in Mizahar, and consequently produces the most food.

Demographics and Politics

Most of Sylira is rural and sparsely occupied, a result of the drastic population reductions that went along with the Valterrian. However, the largest settlements remaining in Mizahar are located here, as well as a few others of note. These include:

Each of these cities is independent, although associations and treaties between them are not unknown.